Apple AirPods 2: Should You Upgrade From AirPods?

Apple has officially introduced the upgraded version of AirPods 1 that was AirPods 2 to the public. However, is it worth upgrading to this new AirPods generation? I will help you find the answer in this post. From there, you can decide whether you will upgrade your AirPods 1 to the new AirPods 2.

The AirPods 2 is a great option for Apple users with notable changes over the original model. AirPods 2 allows you to use Siri without touching an AirPod, and thanks to the new H1 chip, the connection is now much faster. But are they enough for existing AirPods owners upgrade? Let’s find out!

Reasons to Update Apple AirPods 2

Hands-Free Hey Siri

If you are a person, who usually use Siri, then you should choose AirPods 2 so that you no longer have to tap on your ear the first generation. With the new AirPods 2 accompanied with the H1 chip, you can easily enable “Hey Siri” control.

When you wear AirPods 2 in your ear, you simply say, “Hey Siri” and you can then control the volume, make a call, send a message and use other Siri features.

You can even get benefits when using Siri Shortcuts. With these, controlling things, even Spotify with Siri shortcuts is not a difficulty.

The “Hey Siri” feature is one of the most valuable things for Siri users, and it’s also one of the biggest reasons to upgrade to new AirPods 2, even when your existing model is still working fine. On older AirPods 1 model, you have to tap on the AirPod to start the Siri control, which is not an ideal way to use Siri.

Better Battery Life

Another reason that I wait for AirPods 2 is better battery life. Apple has already delivered in two ways here for current AirPods owners.

AirPods 2 battery life is claimed at twice as long for phone calls. On the first AirPods model, the talk time battery life was already great, but it’s longer on the new AirPods 2. It can offer three hours of talk time on a full single charge, which is massive.

AirPods 2 battery life can serve up to five hours when you listen to music and up to three hours of listening on a 15-minute charge. If the AirPods 2 battery case is fully charged, it can deliver 24 hours for use. So, that’s a reason if you plan on upgrading from the original AirPods.

Faster Connectivity

The new H1 chip is also responsible for the connection speeds of AirPods 2. According to Apple, AirPods 2 could switch between devices twice as fast as their predecessor could. It’s a big upgrade if you usually use your AirPods with a number of devices.

The new AirPods 2 can connect 1.5X faster to iPhone when you use them on a call. In the launch event, Apple tested them with an iPhone XS Max, measuring the time to transfer a call from iPhone to AirPods 2.

Wireless Charging

On the original model, you have to plug the AirPods case into a cable to charge your device. However, you can charge AirPods 2 with wireless charging feature. Simply put the AirPods 2 case on a Qi wireless charger and AirPods 2 will start charging.  If you don’t afford to upgrade your old model, you can choose to purchase the AirPods wireless charging case for only $79.

There is a small LED indicator on the wireless charging case of AirPods 2, letting you know whether the case is charging just at a glance. You can also ask Siri about battery life.

Better Gaming Experience

Do you use AirPods when playing games on your iPhone/iPad? If Yes, you should definitely upgrade to AirPods 2.

Apple stated that the new one would come with 30% less latency when gaming. It means the game sounds are closer to your ears when they are in the game.

If you are a fan of PUBG or Fortnite and you need to hear where enemies are based on their footstep, then AirPods 2 is a worthy upgrade. You can get a better gaming experience than the original model.

Reasons Not To Upgrade To AirPods 2

Above are the reasons you should upgrade to the newest Apple AirPods 2. But, aside from that, there are still reasons that the existing AirPods users or other users who intend to purchase them should not upgrade at present. Let’s check them!

Wait for AirPods 2 Deals

Currently, since only Apple is selling AirPods 2, so its price is still high. So if want a great deal on AirPods 2, you should wait for a few months until third-party stores like Best Buy, B&H Photo and Costco to start selling the new AirPods.

We saw AirPods deals $10 to $20 off the price of the original AirPods when they were new. Refurbished AirPods are now going on sale for $129 at Best Buy, but they usually jump back  $5 off.

B&H Photo is also selling the AirPods for $159 without tax charged on purchases. I hope this will continue with the new AirPods 2.

I’m not sure about the AirPods price at retailers now, but Best Buy is still listing AirPods for $159.99.

Wait for new colors, design, features

The iPhone, iPad, and MacBook models all now come in multiple colors, but the AirPods 2 are still only in white, which is disappointed. So, if you want a colorful AirPods and a new design, you should wait for AirPods 3.

There were rumors of a new black color for AirPods 2, but Apple did not make it happen. If you like AirPods with noise canceling or health features, then waiting for AirPods 3 is the most feasible one.

Wait for AirPods 2 Review

Apple promised a lot of improvements with AirPods 2’s features. If they work as advertised, the AirPods 2 is a major upgrade for Apple fans. Apple also details how they tested the battery life of their AirPods 2, but the key is the real performance.

If you are still worried about the connectivity, battery life or switching speed, you should refer to reviews before deciding to upgrade.

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