Chimera Jailbreak Tool for iOS 12 Has Been Updated

Recently, the Chimera jailbreak tool for iOS 12 has been updated. The Chimera Team just released this unexpected update this Christmas eve. This brings it up to version 1.6.0 and offers iOS 12 support now. Read on to know more about this Chimera jailbreak update.

Chimera Team lead developer CoolStar announced the latest Chimera update, including a lot of changes via the official Sileo / Odyssey / Chimera Discord channel. While Chimera isn’t the newest jailbreak available, it’s still a useful one. Also, the team has been focusing on the stability from the newer Odyssey jailbreak to Chimera to help ensure its long-term reliability and usability.

The List of Changes in Chimera v1.6.0

Chimera jailbreak tool for iOS 12 has been updated

Some of the most significant changes in this update include support for full userspace reboot, backporting of the iOS/iPadOS, and Procursus Bootstrap.

Here are all the changes in the newest Chimera update:

  • Officially support iOS 12.5.
  • Backports more of Odyssey’s changes to Chimera.
  • The platform-app and Skip-library-validation entitlement are no longer required for libraries to load into binaries.
  • Improves efficiency and reliability.
  • Fixes potential app black screen and reliability issues with injecting into “launchd” during the jailbreak process.
  • Fixes potential post-jailbreak kernel panics on 4K devices (A7/A8) improving the reliability of the jailbreak.
  • “Jailbreakd.plist” has been moved to improve compatibility with odysseyra1n.
  • No jailbreak crashes when booting with odysseyra1n.
  • Fix memory leak and slow performance if jailbreakd is restarted.
  • Experimental support for full userspace reboot.
  • Run launchctl reboot userspace to test userspace reboot.
  • Userspace reboot should complete in about 15 seconds and increase to 50% success rate.

Note: Chimera still only supports A12 Bionic-based devices up to iOS 12.1.2. Additionally, if you’re using a compatible iOS 12 device, here are the official download links.

How to jailbreak with Chimera

Chimera can jailbreak from iOS 12.0 to iOS 12.4.9. So, if your device is running one of these iOS versions, then you’re good to go.

Follow the steps to jailbreak your iPhone with Chimera:

1) On your computer, download the latest Chimera version and Cydia Impactor.

2) Launch the Cydia Impactor.

3) Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Cydia Impactor should recognize your device after you plug it in.

4) Next, click and drag the Chimera.ipa file you downloaded into the Cydia Impactor window.

5) Now, enter your Apple ID.

6) After that, Cydia Impactor will begin side-loading the Chimera jailbreak app to your device.

7) Once installed, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.

8) Tap on your Apple ID.

9) Tap on the Trust button. Then, tap on the red Trust button inside the popup that appears.

Note: Before moving onto the next step, you might want to enable Airplane Mode, disable your passcode/Touch ID/Face ID and Siri. Doing these extra steps might increase your jailbreaking success rates.

10) Open the Chimera app on your device’s Home screen.

11) Next, tap on the Jailbreak button.

12) Once the jailbreak process is completed, the Chimera jailbreak app will confirm that you’re jailbroken.

13) Sileo should be displayed on your Home screen alongside the Chimera jailbreak app now.

Note: Try rebooting and re-launching the Chimera app, if you don’t see the Sileo app after jailbreaking. Also, we suggest repeating this step until it works.

Have you tried the latest version of the Chimera jailbreak tool on your iOS devices yet? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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