How to Unlock iCloud-Locked iPhone (This Actually Works)

Just got an iPhone from an EBay guy but you discovered that your phone still asked for the passcode. Confused, you contacted the owner for help, but he had flown away. You ended up losing your money and time. That’s my story 2 years ago.

iCloud Activation Lock is an amazing feature when it comes to iOS. It stays connected to your iCloud ID if you don’t bother to turn it off. If you leave iCloud Activation Lock enabled on your iPhone after selling it, then your device turns into a useless brick.

Having an iPhone with an iCloud lock can be painful, but there is a workaround for fixing it. You need to unlock it to bypass Activation Lock on your device. Yes, you heard it right: Unlocking is the only method that helps free your shiny iPhone.

In my tutorial, I am going to show you the steps on how to Unlock an iCloud-Locked iPhone. Before we get started, there are a couple of things you need to know about unlocking an iCloud-locked iPhone.

What is an iCloud-Locked iPhone?

Activation Lock was introduced in iOS 7 and received a mostly positive welcome from users and tech experts worldwide. It’s basically part of the Find My iPhone feature and serves as an anti-theft measure that protects your lovely iPhone from thieves in case you lost or misplace it.

In fact, with Activation Lock enabled, you can locate your missing iPhone or even erase its data, so no one can use it. I love the idea behind Apple’s Find My iPhone feature. That’s that even if someone steals or wipes your iPhone, it still refuses to allow a new installation unless they enter the correct Apple ID and password. While the iCloud Activation Lock feature comes in handy, there’s a problem and it emerges frequently.

Have you ever been in a situation where you buy a second-hand iPhone and don’t realize that it was still linked to the previous owner’s iCloud? Yes, you read my story above and if you ever have, then you are not alone out there.

Finding Trusted iCloud Unlock Provider

So anyways back to my story, of course, I was upset and did not know what to do. I called one of my friend and she said that I needed to unlock my iPhone so I could use it. To be honest, I could not believe that I had lost my money to a guy on EBay. My new phone remained dead while my trip to Japan was only 5 days away.

After 3 hours of Google search, I found a website called I clicked on it and noticed that they were selling the iCloud Unlock service. After that, I decided to place my order because I had no choice at the time and I needed my phone back alive. I was thinking that I could lose my money again. But they responded to me and said that my order was being processed. 24 hours later, my phone was free and no longer locked by iCloud activation. All I needed was my iPhone’s IMEI number.

If your iPhone is currently iCloud locked, then I think you should visit the brilliant guys at I know there are tons of options out there, but just give them a try. If they fail, they give back money to you. I am giving you a suggestion based on my personal experience.

How to unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone

The procedure is so simple: At first, you go to this link: Once you are in, enter your IMEI number and hit the Unlock iCloud button.

  • If you are wondering what is IMEI, well that’s a unique serial number that’s given to every mobile device.
  • You can obtain it by dialing #06# from your Phone app.

On the next page, provide your email number and proceed to the checkout (it usually costs $27.99). You should receive a confirmation email when your iPhone has been iCloud unlocked.

That’s how you can unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone. I highly advise against scams out there. You will come across dozens of them online, claiming that they can bypass iCloud locks using Apple’s authentic method. Believe me, none of them are official.

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