How To Recover iCloud Password For iPhone/iPad

Hello all iOS users! May I ask you a question? What would you do if you forget the iCloud password of your Apple ID? I know that many of you will use the Email that you registered for the iCloud account to restore the password. But if your iCloud account is not linked to your Email, what you would to bring the password back. In this case, some of you already needed the help from other service provider to break the iCloud password on your iPhone/iPad, but the fee is never cheap. So today, in this post, we’ll share with you a tool that can recover your forgotten iCloud password on your device without having to pay any fee. Check out this post carefully to get steps to bring back the iCloud password.

However, before starting the process, you need to do some requirements:

  • First, download the tool to recover the iCloud password from this link
  • You need a Windows computer to do the steps
  • A certificated USB lightning cable for the connection
  • You have previously made a backup of your iDevice on your computer

Now, here are steps to break the forgotten iCloud password on your iPhone/iPad.

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Steps To Recover iCloud Password For iPhone/iPad

  1. Plug your iPhone/iPad to your computer, and launch iTunes
  2. Now, create a new backup for your device
  3. Now, click on This Computer and select Encrypt iPhone Backup. After that, set the password : 1234 (Don’t forget to click on Sync Automatically When Connected option)
  4. Next, extract and install the tool. After that launch it
  5. Here, choose ios device backup and then the tool will find the backups set password. Select the right backup you want to recover the password
  6. Now, press on Start Recovery
  7. Wait for the tool to scan the password. Once the screen shows the Recovery results, click on show in keychain explorer option
  8. Finally, click Export to extract to the xml file. This file includes many things such as Wi-Fi password, Google account, and especially your iCloud username and password you logged in on your iPhone/iPad

That’s all steps you need to do. Hope you can recover you iCloud password just by doing the above steps. In case of any issue, let’s know in the comment below, we’ll find out solutions for you.


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