How To Unlock AT&T iPhone Lock For Free

With AT&T allowing its users to unlock the carrier for free helped iPhone Locked users have a chance to use the SIM card of other carriers without any problem. If you are having an iPhone locked AT&T and want to unlock the carrier, we are here to help you. You will not need any help from the third-party service provider and pay any fee to unlock your iPhone. Here step-by-step guide to remove your AT&T iPhone Lock.

However, before starting the process, here are some things you should take note:

  • First, this method is only meant for iPhone locked AT&T carrier
  • Your iPhone must have IMEI CLEAN.

How to check IMEI CLEAN For AT&T iPhone Lock

What we have to do to know whether your AT&T iPhone has the CLEAN IMEI or not. To do this, just follow these steps:

  • First, go to this link and then enter the IMEI number of your iPhone to check your device.
  • After showing the result, take a look at the Status line
  • If the status displays the IMEI is CLEAN or CLEAN that means your iPhone can be unlocked for free.
  • If you see other lines in RED color such as: under financial responsibility, which means you cannot unlock your AT&T iPhone by doing this way.

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Once you have checked and confirmed that your IMEI is CLEAN, now do the following steps to remove your AT&T iPhone Lock:

  1. First, go to
  2. At the Are you an AT&T wireless customer?, tap on No and fulfill all the information and click on
  3. Next, enter your full name, phone number, and your email address and click Note that your phone number must come from AT&T carrier.
  4. Once you submit successfully, AT&T will send to you an activation email to confirm your unlock, you click on the here letter for the confirmation.

Wait for 2 days to get the result. If you are ejected for the unlock, don’t feel depressed. You should continue doing the steps above and we’re it’s absolutely successful.

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