Easy steps to Report iMessage Spam to Apple

When you receive an iMessage message sent by the unknown senders, it is risky to tap links as you can be in for a phishing scam. Besides, the notifications will go off during the day and annoy you many times.

That time you should think about reporting iMessage spam to Apple so that you know who the sender is and what they do. If it is a valid spam message, Apple will make suspense with the iMessage account of the sender and also to block the sender yourself. In this post, we will instruct you how to send iMessages spam to Apple

How to Report iMessage Spam to Apple

If your device is running iOS 10 or a higher firmware, you can see a “report junk” option below a prompt that displays “the sender is not in your contact list” if there is a call from an unknown person.

When tapping on that option, there will appear a pop-up that allows you to delete the iMessage as junk message or report it to Apple. You can cancel report any time in case you change your mind.

If your device’s firmware is below iOS 10, simply email Apple with these contents:

  • Screenshot the contents in the iMessage spam or text message
  • Time and date you received
  • Sender’s phone number or email address

Reporting iMessage spam will help you prevent being hacked.

What you should do after reporting?

After reporting spam messages to Apple, now you simply wait and see whether Apple takes actions with that account. Or if you want, you can block the sender to stop receiving messages from that person. However, reporting to Apple is still the key to getting rid of the issue.

There is one thing you should note that the steps only work for messages shown in blue chat bubbles. You need to report spam messages to Apple so that they can handle it. They don’t want iMessage spam to occur, so you should let them know.

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