Download The Latest Fortnite MOD APK for Unsupported Android Devices

Dear all Android gamer!

Are you looking for a solution to play Fortnite game on your unsupported Android device? If the answer is Yes, then you at the right place. I’m going to show you a simple guide to install and play Fortnite battle royal on the unsupported Android devices.

If the phone you are using is compatible with the Fortnite, then you can easily download the Fortnite installer from its official website. That said, if you deal with an error like “device not supported”, then it means that there is no official app for your Android phone, since the hardware of your device is not yet supported with this game.

Fortnite battle royal has already been released for the Samsung Galaxy and a few Android devices. So if you are using Samsung Galaxy phone or your Android phone is supported, you can then download it from Samsung Galaxy store or Fornite official website and start playing it right now.

If you are not using a Galaxy phone, here is a tweak to play Fortnite on your unsupported Android device. Simply follow these steps below to get it done.

I test Fornite game on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro and it worked perfectly. Read on to download and install Fornite on your unsupported Android device. The current version is v11.31 and I will update newer ones when they are available.

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Update 2020:

Many Android users still have trouble in installing Fortnite on your Android phone. Furthermore, Fortnite has also updated their game several times, so installing the game on unsupported devices becomes more difficult. In this guide, I will show you a new way to install Fortnite on your unsupported phone.

How to Install Fortnite on Unsupported Android Phones in 2020

Step 1: Uninstall completely the game on your phone

Step 2: Download and install Fortnite Installer from this link. Remember to enable Unknown Sources to install apk file outside Play Store

Step 3:Continue to download Fornite APK Fix into your phone. Once done, install it and then log in your account to download additional data. Wait for the process to be completed. The size is about 6GB. When it is downloading Additional Assets, close the game

Step 4: Download ZArchiver apk file and then also install it on your phone. Then, open it and tap on Android > Data > com.epicgames.fortnite and rename it into a new one like: com.epicgames.fortni

Step 5: Uninstall the game on your phone. Next, open Fortnite Installer and tap on Install to re-install the game. When done, open it and sign in your account.

Step 6: Now, you are still prompted ” Device is Not Supported”. Do NOT worry, re-open ZArchiver and delete com.epicgames.fortnite folder. Next, rename the com.epicgames.fortni folder into the previous name.

Step 7: Open Fornite > Wait for it to download additional assets > tap on Cart (next to Facebook icon) icon and play the game.

Hope this new instruction help you! If not, let me know in the comment below. This guide is tested and my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and it worked great!

Steps to Install Fortnite On Unsupported Android Devices

Step 1: visit Fortnite official website:  to download Fortnite Installer.apk file. You can also manually install Fortnite Installer v3.1.1 app from this page:

Step 2: Once done, install it on your Android phone and then launch it

Step 3: You will see a prompt that “Device is not supported”. Don’t worry. Just continue reading

Step 4: Open any browser and access the link below to download the latest version of Fortnite.apk file.

Download Fortnite_v14.10.apk

Step 5: Once you downloaded the file, uninstall the official version first and simply install it on your Android device. Remember to enable Unknown Sources section in your phone Settings.

Step 6: Once the game is installed, open it and tap on ” Yes, Find my account“. Next, enter your account to sign in.

Step 7: Tap on “Skip” and then update additional files on your phone.

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Now, see the magic, you can now play Fortnite on your unsupported Android phone.

If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.

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  1. Oh and anyway the other updates work fine but the v10. 00 update is really slow and it can’t be my Internet because I’ve tried it at other houses and it’s all the same

  2. Hi.i instead this game , but that have bug when i playing it
    Plz help me to improve it.
    My phone is Xiaomi redmi note 6 pro , that’s rom is 3

  3. Hey i have downloaded your app. And great man it doesn’t showed not supported error!!!
    But before I download 5 gbs i want to know if this can bypass the server detection.

    • Hi please tell me because last time I tried some unusual epic servers kicked me out of match saying that I was either cheating or using a VPN. Please tell me if it has the same problem.

  4. It always says
    Ack! We hit a roadblock Fortnite can not run with USB Debugging on when tryna go into a game, I turned of USB Debugging and developer options OFF and I’m still getting problems

  5. hello admin really appericate everything you do the time and effort
    and also replying to all the comments i have a galaxy j7 prime and i downloaded your file i have 1.94 gb space available on the internal storage but when i install your file it says app not installed
    i have no idea why do i need to be rooted or something? because i am not i am currently on the oreo update system thanks so much

  6. I’ve installed 3 Times the mod but the game Say data corrupt found, you can not play … I’ve uninstall, reinstall etc.. but no solution…

  7. Sense fortnite is released on play store can, can u tell me how to download it, because it tells me that my phone is not compatible, please reply fast because I really like this game


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