How to Bypass Google Account on Galaxy Phones in May 2020

Samsung has recently updated its smartphones to the latest April update with better  security. But, it’s a problem with those who are facing difficulty with bypassing Google account on their phone after the release of patch security update. Using Talkback or screenshot method no longer works in this update. We know your trouble in FRP bypassing your Galaxy phone, so this tutorial today will show you a new and simpler way to FRP bypass your Galaxy phone running Android 10 &9. Follow the post carefully and you can do it yourself.

Steps to Bypass Google Account on Galaxy Phones in 2020

Before getting started, you should not that this method is applied for the latest May patch security update. If your phone is running on older builds, simply follow this guide to do that.

Step 1: Power on your Samsung Galaxy phone and connect it to Wi-Fi

Step 2: In Google Verification screen, tap on it and your phone keyboad will open up. Just tap on three-dot icon in the top right of the keyboad and choose Samsung Pass.

Step 3: When you are prompted, choose Update > Agree > Update > OK. Wait for your phone to update the app. Once updating Galaxy Store is done, it will automatically close and Samsung Pass will open again.

Step 4: In Samsung Pass screen, tap on View All and select the email to open Gmail app. Tap on Skip to add an email address.

Step 5: This step is very important. You should NOT use Gmail account. Instead you need an hotmail, outlook, or live account to log in. If you dont have, you can register for a new one at

Step 6: Once you go into Gmail section, tap on three-dot icon at the top right.

Step 7: Choose Help & Feed Back > Morse Code > play the video > tap three dot > Share and select three dot menu to open YouTube app.

Step 8: Select Account > Settings > About > YouTube Terms of Services and Chrome browser will automatically open.

Step 9: Enter the URL into the search bar:

Step 9: From here, download two files: Googe Settings.apk and Apex Launcher.apk. Next, move on to Bookmark > History > Download History and install Google Settings app. Next, install Apex Launcher.apk file and open it when done.

Step 10: head to Settings > Apps and disable Google Play Services

Step 11: Return to the home screen, open Play Store and sign in your Google account. After the login is successful, head back to Settings and re-enable Google Play services.

Step 12: Uninstall Google Settings and re-open Play Store. You will see that it Play Store works normally again. All you need now is to restart your phone and you have sucessfully bypassed Google account on your Galaxy phones with the latest Apirl security update.

Follow these steps above carefully and you can easily FRP bypass Google account on your phone. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.

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