How To Unlock Sprint HTC 10

Any of you here are using a Sprint HTC 10 phone? Is your phone still locked to the Sprint carrier or are there too many trash apps on your device? If you want your Sprint HTC 10 to become the global version, then this post will help you do that. All you need is to keep this post to convert your phone into the global HTC 10 variant.


Before we start the process, you should first meet some things first

  • You must make sure your phone is in the S-Off mode. To check it, boot your phone into the Download mode by pressing & holding Power + Volume Down You see S-Off line, it’s OK.
  • Your Sprint HTC 10 must be running Android Nougat.
  • Back up all data on your phone as the process will erase all.
  • Keep your phone battery at least 50% to convert your phone into the global version
  • A Window computer is required to flash the firmware


Once you downloaded all files, let’s start converting Sprint HTC 10 into the global version.

How To Convert Sprint HTC 10 Into Global Version

Method 1

  • Install HTC driver as well as ADB driver on your computer
  • Boot your phone into the Download mode ( Power + Volume Down)
  • Open cmd in your ADB folder in your C drive and enter the command:

fastboot devices

If you see the number as the image, it OK.

  • Continue to enter the following commands and hit Enter each one.

fastboot oem writecid BS_US001

fastboot oem writemid 2PS650000

  • Boot your phone into Download mode again by entering: fastboot getvar all in cmd.

  • Extract the stock firmware and run RUU file. Wait for the process to complete and boot your Sprint HTC 10 into recovery by pressing: Power + Volume Down => Reboot bootloader => boot to recovery
  • From there, wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache and reboot your phone

Note: after installing RUU file, your phone will lose IMEI, but you should not worry, just follow the below steps.

  • Power your phone off and boot it into Download Mode
  • Now, in cmd, continue to enter the following commands and hit Enter after each one.

fastboot oem rebootRUU

fastboot flash zip … (… is the patch to the file you download above)

fastboot reboot

That’s all you need! You now have successfully converted your Sprint HTC 10 into the global version. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.


Method 2:

Here is another method to help you unlock your Sprint HTC 10, even though it’s a little complicated. Keep reading it carefully.

Step 1: Download Files:

  • Driver HTC: the link above
  • Global Stock Android 7.0 Firmware

HTC 10 7.0 2PS620000 (WWE)  (link firmware: 2.46.617.2)

HTC 10 7.0 2PS650000 (DEV/ US UNLOCKED) (Link firmware: 2.46.617.2)

Step 2: Change MID and CID into super CID 11111111

  • Read all the requirements above first
  • Boot your phone into the Download Mode ( Power + Volume Down)
  • Open cmd on your computer and enter the following command to convert your phone into the global version. Here we tested in 2PS650000 firmware

fastboot oem writemid 2PS650000

  • Next, enter the command to change the CID of your phone

fastboot oem writecid 11111111 or oem writecid BS_US001

  • Now, type in the command to reboot to bootloader mode. Next, choose Download mode again from the bootloader

fastboot reboot-bootloader

  • Download your compatible RUU and firmware file as the link above
  • Once done, open the global firmware using Winrar and delete img in there, and replace with the radio.img you just downloaded.

Step 3: RUN Global HTC 10 Firmware

  • Boot your phone into Download mode, run RUU and follow on-screen instructions.

Step 4: Once done, your phone will reboot and you see the signal is slashed. Continue to boot your phone into the Download mode and enter the following command in cmd. Remember to change the name of the firmware into firmware to be easier.

fastboot flash zip

Step 5: You will see an error and your phone continues to boot into Download mode. Enter the above command again and your phone will then automatically boot up.

That’s all! Your Sprint HTC 10 is now the global version with the radio of Sprint. However, if your phone is locked, then you should continue to follow these steps to unlock it.

  • Download and flash it through TWRP recovery
  • Reboot your phone, connect it to the computer and run the following commands:

adb shell


setprop sys.usb.config adb,diag,acm

  • Your phone is now in diag mode. Next, download Basic_Flasher.7zip  > open it and click on Scan so that it can recognize your phone. Your phone will be displayed in the form of COM port. Click on Connect.
  • In the method section, choose HTC > READ SPC and save these numbers
  • Download NV-items_reader_writer.rar > open it and click on PORT and choose your phone serial port.
  • Make sure BOTH boxes at the top bar are checked and write your SPC in the 000000 box
  • Click on Connect from the top par.
  • Click on Read in the top par which is near the “Connect”, you should see a message saying the SPC is correct. Phone unlocked.
  • Make a backup for your current nv item.
  • Download unlock.txt file, click on Write and browse to the Unlock file. Click on Mode > Reset. Reboot your phone and that’s done!.


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