How To Unlock Galaxy J3 Emerge Sprint SM-J327P

Dear all Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge Sprint SM-J327P users! Do you want to unlock your phone for free without having to pay any fee to unlock your phone? If your Galaxy J3 Emerge Sprint is still locked to the carrier, then keep reading this post to unlock your Galaxy J3 Emerge Sprint.


  • Back up all the data on your phone first to avoid unwanted issues. You can use Google, Dropbox or copy your data into the computer
  • On your phone, go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number 7 times to activate Developer Options
  • Return to Settings > Developer Options and enable OEM Unlock & USB Debugging options
  • Keep your phone battery at least 50% to start the unlock process

Device Supported:

  • Galaxy J3: SM-J327P

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Steps To Unlock Galaxy J3 Emerge Sprint SM-J327P

  • Download and install Samsung USB driver on your computer
  • Download the unlock file from this link (
  • Extract the file and then open Odin PrinceComsy.exe
  • Power your phone off and boot it into Download mode. To do so, press & hold Power + Home + Volume Down When you see a warning screen, simply press the Volume Up button
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Click on AP button and flash “carrier.img.tar.
  • If flashing this file is not successful, you can install J327P_U4_Unlock_techzai.tar file through Odin, which can be downloaded from the link below:


  • Once done, reboot your phone and press ## 3424# in the dial app
  • Next, choose DM + MODEM + ADB option
  • Run “MSL.bat” file, and enable “NV-items_reader_writer.exe”
  • Select port > click on Connect > Write

  • Next, browse to “UNLOCK.text” file and wait for the process to complete

That’s all! You have successfully unlocked your Galaxy J3 Emerge Sprint for free. If you have any question. Let’s know in the comment below

24 thoughts on “How To Unlock Galaxy J3 Emerge Sprint SM-J327P”

  1. im stuck, or impatient? followed steps up to connect to computer, phone has had the blueish download screen for a while now, wheres the AP button? did i screw up already or do i need to let it download a long ass time?

      • My phone and computer both seem froze. I’ve had them connected for several hours now. I can’t open or close any tabs on my computer. The phone still says downloading. Is there a way I can send pics to you of the issue I’m having if that’ll be of more help ?

  2. ok, i disabled my antivirus which seemed to be preventing a lot of this process. i opened odin, hit AP and chose the “carrier img tar” and nothing seems to happen. it does say in the log box all threads completed, does that mean it worked? where do i go from here? ty for all your help

  3. Almost done…. or so i thought. i am in the nv reader and keep getting “failed, phone does not answer” what do i need to do now?

  4. Hi sir, I am stuck in writing the nv -items from UNLOCK.txt. It says that I have unsuccessfully written the NV -items.
    00000 (0x0000) – Password (16 digits) is required
    00001 (0x0001) – Read only item
    00002 (0x0002) – Read only item
    00003 (0x0003) – Read only item
    00005 (0x0005) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00013 (0x000D) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00014 (0x000E) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00017 (0x0011) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00018 (0x0012) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00020 (0x0014) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00021 (0x0015) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00024 (0x0018) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00031 (0x001F) – Command failed
    00032 (0x0020) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00033 (0x0021) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00034 (0x0022) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00035 (0x0023) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00036 (0x0024) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00037 (0x0025) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00038 (0x0026) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00039 (0x0027) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00044 (0x002C) – Command failed
    00045 (0x002D) – Command failed
    00046 (0x002E) – Command failed
    00047 (0x002F) – Command failed
    00048 (0x0030) – Command failed
    00049 (0x0031) – Command failed
    00050 (0x0032) – Command failed
    00085 (0x0055) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00176 (0x00B0) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00177 (0x00B1) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00178 (0x00B2) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00209 (0x00D1) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00210 (0x00D2) – Command failed
    00211 (0x00D3) – Command failed
    00212 (0x00D4) – Command failed
    00213 (0x00D5) – Command failed
    00215 (0x00D7) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00219 (0x00DB) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00259 (0x0103) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00260 (0x0104) – Command failed
    00261 (0x0105) – Command failed
    00296 (0x0128) – Command failed
    00318 (0x013E) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00319 (0x013F) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00466 (0x01D2) – Parameter bad
    00580 (0x0244) – Parameter bad
    00855 (0x0357) – SPC (6 digits) is required
    00906 (0x038A) – Parameter bad
    00920 (0x0398) – Parameter bad
    01943 (0x0797) – Password (16 digits) is required
    03252 (0x0CB4) – Access denied
    05597 (0x15DD) – Read only item
    05598 (0x15DE) – Read only item
    50155 (0xC3EB) – Access denied

    Any suggestions? Thanks.


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