How To Fix DRK – Device Root Key For Samsung Galaxy Phones

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone, you might know about Device Root Key (DRK). DRK is a device-unique asymmetric key pair that is signed by Samsung’s root key through an X.509 certificate. This certificate proves that the DRK was produced by Samsung. The DRK is generated at manufacture time in the Samsung factory and is stored on the device encrypted by the DUHK, thus binding it to the device.

If your Galaxy phone gets DRK error, it will absolutely get bricked and flashing and stock ROMs cannot help. If your phone is suffering the DRK error and you are looking for solutions to fix this error on your phone, then this post will help you.

The reason your device has been DRK error is that you previously you interfered EFS to fix IMEI or Please Call Me error on your phone.  Once your phone gets DRK error, the screen will turn blue with the line: Device does not have DRK, please install DRK firs. Press any button? 

There will be two situations in this case:

  • DRKand OEM OFF: You just need to root your phone and then boot up your phone
  • DRK and OEM ON: It’s now complicated. But don’t worry, just follow the below steps and you can fix the error easily

How To Fix DRK Error On Android 7 Nougat

There is a small thing you should note that DRK will hand at Recovery 3e. All you need is to build file with skipping recovery and your phone will be able to boot up into the home screen. Since OEM is ON, so you cannot do anything except for flashing stock ROM. Here is how to do:

  • Use 7-zip on your Windows computer and extract AP file of the stock Android 7.0 ROM

  • Drag two files: imgand boot.img into another new folder and change boot.img into recovery.img
  • Download this software to build tar file: Autotar2.0.rar
  • Extract the software and copy two files: system.img and recovery.img into the tool

  • From CHOOSE FILE section, select system and recovery. Rename for these two files that you have to build without space. For instance, fix_drk_j727s_lv2_oem_on
  • Click on build tar and wait for a few minutes. Once done, you can flash these two files through Odin.

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  • This method will lose stock recovery, so you have to wipe your data first to avoid being stuck at bootup logo. This is a small trick so that you can boot into your home screen, enable OEM option to flash the stock ROM again and then root it.
  • If FRP is on, you cannot do any command like (+30012012732+ for hidden menu. The only way is installing QuickshortcutsMaker app. You can refer to bypassing Google Account on Android 7.0 for Galaxy phones to do this.

For Android 8.0

All Samsung Galaxy phones are running Android 8.0 or higher an easily overcome DRK error even when you installed EFS and your phone screen turns blue (tested on Galaxy S8, Note 8, S8 Plus)

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