How to Improve Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 

Galaxy Note 10 is one of the flagships with a large battery and fast charging capability that allow you to use throughout the day. At the same time, the following tips might keep your Note 10 battery always healthy.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 +, respectively, are equipped continuously with a 3500mAh and 4300mAh battery and the ability to fast charge with the integrated charger is 25W (Note 10 + supports fast charging up to 45W) so that users can spread perfect experience with a long day use. Apart from that, the phone is also equipped with features to optimize battery efficiency with AI, and learning habits of users day by day. But, in order for the Note 10 series in particular and other Samsung Galaxy smartphones to get a healthy battery, do not ignore the small tricks below.

Method 1: Always Keep Your Phone Up-to-Date

Keeping Software updates always make your Galaxy Note more stable, update security patches, improve performance, and sometimes upgrade a few features. So you should never miss any update on your Note 10 and other Samsung smartphones, you can easily check it by heading to Settings> Software update> Download and install it offline.

In addition to the system software, you can also install individual apps or the inbuilt apps also need to be updated to the latest version so that all your operations can work smoothly.

Method 2: Customize the screen customization

Screens are always the most power-eaten component on a phone, while Galaxy Note 10 phones has high screen brightness, so if you’re in need of power saving, then you might want to consider customizing brightness of your phone screen. For example, when I use my Note 10, the brightness is usually about 40-50% since most of us are indoors, and I even disabled the Compatibility Number feature.

Compatible brightness is a feature that will use a light sensor, or camera to make brightness measurements at that time and adjust the light continuously, which is helpful for battery saving. I found it it unnecessary if you are usually in indoor.

Screen brightness is an important note. You should reduce manually instead of waiting for automatic brightness after a shorter period to save battery power. To adjust it, head to Settings> Display> Screen and then adjust the time period accordingly.

Method 3: Enable Night Mode (Dark Mode)

Night mode is an inbuilt theme to turn the entire system of One UI interface on the Galaxy Note10 into dark. It will be extremely great for smartphones using AMOLED panels, so you can save up the amount of battery. 

Moreover, the dark interface will help your become luxurious, more advanced and more seamless with surrounding screen borders. In addition to turning on with just one click from the Notification bar, you can also set custom time so that your phone will automatically enable the mode.

Method 4: Reduce effects and motion manipulations

With One UI interface, Samsung has added a number of transition effects to bring users a “virtual pond”, but it is quite redundancy, and sometimes it can get delayed. However, you can disable this feature so that your Galaxy Note 10 work faster and save a certain amount of battery life. Simply navigate to Settings> Advanced features and enable Reduce animation .

There is also a number of features that users rarely use them such as Pick up to wake, Smart break, Easy mut, so  you can also turn it off. rekindled!

Method 5: Use Battery Power mode

Power Saving mode is designed to optimize settings for a significantly extended battery life. This mode comes with different levels like Average power saving, Maximum battery saving. When your battery is low, enabling it will slow down CPU performance, reduce screen brightness, background apps, so you can save up more battery life.

Method 6: Manage applications

As soon as you quit an application, even clear it from Recent Apps, it can still run in the background. Most apps can sync in the background through Wi-Fi or cellular data even when it is not in use, and the process can affect your phone battery life more or less. 

Apart from that, some certain apps on your phone should also be removed if you rarely use them. It does not just save up space, but also consume less battery

Method 7: Customize some connections 

Some connectivity options and features that you may not use often, such as NFC, Bluetooth, you should disable them when not in use. If you are constantly connecting with a smartwatch or other devices, you can skip this little trick!
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Method 8: Enable Wi-Fi saver mode

This feature is not new on Android devices, but not everyone knows it. You can turn it on by going to Settings> Connectivity> Wi-Fi> Advanced> turning on Wi-Fi Battery Saving Mode , and your phone will then analyze the wireless data traffic. There will be an email automatically retrieving data for every 15 minutes. This repetitive process takes place every 15 minutes, and Wi-Fi battery saver mode will have a more appropriate connection customization. With this interaction, your Galaxy Note 10 will have more intelligent battery level maintenance.

Method 9: Services control

Disabling GPS navigation is another thing you should note to save up more battery. In reality, however, turning off GPS completely can lead to “bad luck” things. So, there is another way to control applications that are requiring your location.

By default, your Galaxy Note 10 will determine location information through GPS, but it also uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to locate for batter accurately. But, some experts say that we do not need to turn on high-precision location scanning via Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi to help it work better.

During the daily use, you will have other different tips to optimize your Galaxy Note 10 in the best way. Above are just some typical small tips for you to refer. With a flagship like the Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 +, you should take full advantage of features that Samsung has added into the phone instead of disabling everything. In case the battery is exhausted, it is not too much to worry since the Galaxy Note 10 has a super fast charging technology, so it just takes a few of minutes to continue using the phone.

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