How To Unlock Sprint Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus For Free

The unlocked Sprint Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus version still has an expensive price, more than $500 for the lowest S8 variant, so we know that many of you are not affordable to purchase one yourself. A locked Sprint carrier version is the most feasible choice for those who want a reasonable price. However, locked version means a lot of negatives, especially your Sprint S8/ S8 Plus will only be able to work with the SIM card of Sprint carrier. If you want to unlock your Sprint S8/S8 Plus, you have to pay the amount of money to make it unlock full functions with the help of unlocking service provider or from Sprint carrier. But now, your Sprint S8/ S8 Plus can be easily unlocked to use with any carrier without needing to pay money. If you are looking for solutions to unlock your Sprint S8/S8 Plus, follow this post to know how to unlock Sprint Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus.

Before getting started, you need to meet some certain requirements first:

  • Back up all of your important data through Google account or Dropbox
  • Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock option in Settings > Developer Options (by tapping 7 times on Build Number Of About Device section to appear Developer Option)
  • Charge your phone’s battery to at least 40% to get rid of any unexpected issues.
  • A Windows computer is necessary to finish the process

Updated: Unfortunately, the firmware starting from Oct. 2017, Sprint unlock won’t work, even with combination firmware until we find an insecure RIL version.
Try downgrading to older versions than SQU1AQGx.

Steps To Flash Unlock File On Sprint Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

  1. First, download and install Samsung USB drivers as well as Odin v3.13.1  (Odin for Mac) on your computer.
  2. Once done, extract the Odin file.
  3. Now, download the unlock file for Sprint Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus
  1. Next, power off your S8/ S8 Plus and boot it into Download Mode by pressing and holding Power + Bixby + Volume Down buttons at the same time. After that, press the Volume Up button to go into Download Mode
  2. Now, launch the Odin app and start flashing the unlock file by clicking on AP section and choosing the extracted file.
  3. Once done, your phone will automatically reboot. Launch Z3X Samsung Tool Pro v29.5 (full crack), select model G930Por G935P, tap on Unlock.
  4. Flash the stock ROM again and that’s done.

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Easy! You have now successfully unlocked your Sprint Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus. If you get any trouble, let’s know in the comment below, we’ll find out solutions for you.

43 thoughts on “How To Unlock Sprint Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus For Free”

      • I just checked n its not there pls. I even tried searching for it but it tells me no results found. The only option I was able to turn on is “USB debugging”. I am trying to unlock my s8 plus on sprint bt each time I put it into download mode n connect to odin it comes up with the error msg of “odin protocol error”. Can you please help me figure out what is wrong does it have anything to do with the fact that I can’t turn “OEM unlock” on? If not then pls tell me what I need to do

  1. Hi, i left messages about my phone gotten stuck at that blue serial screen. please help how do i get it out of it. i flashed stock rom as well but its not booting. its on the same screen as ur phone in the picture.

  2. Hey! Any news on the G955USQS2BQL1 firmware?? Im trying to unlock my Sprint s8+. I Actually paid them the full price for the unlock but got out of the US and now Sprint actually says that the phone is unlocked in the system but i still got Invalid Sim Card.

  3. I can get to the “downloading” portion. Nothing appears to be happening. How do I know if downloading is progressing and how long does it take? Gave up after 40 min yesterday.

    • Hi Kris,
      Once you booted your phone into Download mode, just use Odin to flash the unlock file. However, remember to check the current firmware of your phone.

  4. Does this work if its attached to past due bill? Phone is paid off but sprint wont release it until my sister pays her bill…

    • Hi Brenda,
      This method is only for the S8/S8 Plus Android 7.0 firmware. Moreover, you need to have Z3X Pro Tool or Z3X box tool to help you unlock. If you are a newbie, then it might be difficult for you.

  5. hi, how long does it take after clicking AP and loading .tar file. in odin app it says ‘setup connection’ and is taking for ever there,
    Should I wait or do something else.

  6. Hi, trying to unlock my Sprint Galaxy S8+, I made it to the download mode, and now I’m not sure what to do. It has been “downloading’ for about 10 mins.

    • Since this is an old method, so your phone needs to be running on Android 7.0 Nougat firmware. If you have already updated it to the newer Android version, this method is invalid. Thanks!


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