How To Turn T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro Into Global Version

As you know, apart from the global model, Oneplus has also released a variant of OnePlus 7 Pro that is delivered by T-Mobile carrier. However, the carrier T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro includes bloatware from T-Mobile and you usually receive updates later than users of global version. So, to help T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro users say goodbye to these annoying problems, I’m going to show you an instruction to convert a T-Mobile OP7 Pro into the global version for free.

The process is not difficult and even if you are a newbie, simply follow the steps below and you can do so easily.


I will not take any responsibility for damage to your OP7 Pro by using this procedure. Everyone that is encountering the problem should be patient and can ask clarifying questions, indicating where you failed for further help.

How To Convert A T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro To Global Version

These steps below will convert your TMOBILE OnePlus 7 PRO to the International version. The process lets your phone unlock the bootloader, root, install twrp, etc.. Sim unlock process is being worked on (thanks to an XDA member)


You should note that you lose all data on your phone, the sim is already unlocked, have installed the Download mode drivers, adb, and fastboot and your phone is powered OFF.

  • First, download both of these files and extract them to a folder you locate:
  • Once done, open the MSM tool and then uncheck the box next to SHA 256.
  • Hold both volume buttons for about 5 seconds and then connect your phone to the computer. You can type “adb reboot edl” in ADB
  • Note the MSM tool and when the second one says *Connected* next to one of the COM ports, click on START.
  • DO NOT unplug the device until you see “Success in green” on the screen.
  • Once your OnePlus 7 Pro boots into the system, complete all the setup options.
  • Toggle Developer Options and OEM Unlocking on
  • Enter bootloader mode on your phone and type in “fastboot oem unlock” command in cmd.

Your OnePlus 7 Pro is already unlocked bootloader.

You can now get rid of all pre-installed carriers and receive the latest updates when they are available.

TMobile Update*

The MSM tool for TMobile OP7 Pro is now available. Download it from here

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