Tips to fix your battery drain too fast

Battery drain, system-hogging apps, and poor performance are only typical issues of the Android phones. But we can help you. In this post, we run you through the worst battery issues you might be facing as well as introducing solutions to help you get rid of them.

Replace your old battery with a new one

If your device has been using for a couple of years, its battery could be dying a natural death. If you don’t control background processes and turn your screen brightness down, the battery will drain very fast. That time, it might be good for a change. Although manufacturers usually claim that the battery still performs well after 1000 charges, it depends on many factors.

If your smartphone can remove the battery, it’s simple to buy a new one and get a replacement. If your phone’s battery is non-removable, you should then contact the store you bought it for a replacement.

Power-hungry apps

It’s important to learn the behavior of your battery to locate the issue so that you can find a solution. Go to Settings > Battery. Here, if you find apps that are eating up a lot of battery, think about deleting them.

If you want more detail about the battery usage of your phone, there are a number of apps available in the Play Store that provide the statistics as well as detailed information on the battery consumption. We recommend you to use GSam Battery Monitor.

‘Android system’ eats too much battery

One of the biggest battery consumers is the ‘Android system’ service. It takes responsibility for keeping your device running smoothly, so naturally uses a lot of battery. If it uses more than 25%, then it could be a problem.

You can resolve it by downgrading your Android device to the older Android version. Depend on the device you are using, the downgrade is different.

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Google Play Services makes battery drain

Another service, named Google Play Services can consume a lot of battery. Although you will be able to stop it as it’s a crucial feature in Android system, which allows your apps to communicate with other components on your phone, you can still bring it under control.

Simply, head to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Services. Here, choose Clear cache. This will refresh Google Play Service and stop it eating up your battery. Repeat this process once a week.

Shorten your screen timeout

The display is always the biggest source of battery drain on any phone, so managing it is very important for its longevity. The “screen-timeout” or “sleep” will determine the time your display can light up after the previous charge. If you let your screen remains on though you aren’t looking at it, it will also waste the precious battery life.

You should not worry about apps requiring the screen to be always on while in use, as they are set to stay awake without caring your setting.

Here are a few battery issues as well as their solutions. If you have other solutions, let’s know in the comment below.


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