How to Root & Install TWRP Recovery for Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus

You want to tweak your new Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus. In this guide we’ll walk you through steps to root and install TWRP recovery on both Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus.

While the Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus have been released for couple of months, these phones have quickly been rooted and installed TWRP recovery successfully. If you like tweaking your new Galaxy Note 10, then installing TWRP recovery and rooting are the most interesting. You are looking for on how to gain the root access on your Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus.

We recommend you to use an external SD card or an USB OTG since the process will formatt all the data inside your phone internal storage. Also, check that MTP to your phone to your computer might get different results, so you should use a micro SD card or USB OTG since it can be as with an adaptor when plugging it straight into your computer and into phone when needed.

For Exynos Variant

Models: (N970/971/975/976/N/F/B)

Download Firmware:

  1. Samfirm v0.40
  • On your computer, download Samfirm v0.40
  • When done, extract the file and open samfirm.exe
  • Type in your model as well as Region (I.E Model=N975F, Region=BTU)
  • Check on ‘Auto’ and then double click on Check Update
  • The firmware of your Note 10/Note 10 Plus  will show up.
  • Click on Download
  • Firmware will start downloading and decrypting
  1. Odin v3.13.1.B Patched
  2. On your computer, download the  latest TWRP image for your model and then copy it into  external SD card or USB OTG

Unlock Bootloader Your Phone

  • Go to   Settings > About Phone > Software Information and tap on build number 7 times until you see a message you are now a developer.
  • Return to Settings > Developer Options and toggle on ‘OEM Unlocking’ 
turn on OEM unlocking option
  • Power your Note 10 off, press and hold Bixby + Volume Down buttons while plugging it into your PC. Download mode will show up.
  • Hold down the Volume Up button and there will be a warning message. Press Volume Up again to accept.
  • All your data will be erased and then automatically reboot
  • Complete the initial set-up with skipping everything
  • Enable developer mode again to toggle on OEM unlocking 
  • Your phone is now unlocked bootloader, which allows you to flash ‘Unofficial Images’

Firmware & TWRP File

  • Extract the downloaded firmware on your computer (AP, BL, CP and HOME_CSC)
  • Copy the AP file to the SD card and insert it into your phone
  • Download the latest Magisk Manager APK from here and then install the app
  • Allow “Install Unknown Apps” option in Chrome
  • Open up Magisk Manager 
  • In ‘Magisk is not installed” screen, tap on Install
  • Tap on Install again from the pop up
  • Browse to ‘Select and Patch a File
  • Choose the AP file in your SD card or USB OTG
  • Magisk will then patch your AP file you will see a file, called magisk_pached.tar 
  • Repeat steps above for the TWRP image file that is stored in your external SD.
  • At the end of the process, you will get two files:
    magisk_patched.tar and magisk_patched.img

Rename and repackage

  • Remove the SD card from your phone and plug it into your PC again and copy two files: magisk_patched.tar & magisk_patched.img
  • Rename the magisk_patched.img file into recovery.img
  • Use Winrar or 7zip to open magisk_patched.tar and remove the existing recovery.img. Next, replace it with the new patched recovery.img.

Download Multi-disabler

  • Download multi disabler from here and then copy it into your SD card.

Flash Patched File

  • Power your phone off and boot into Download Mode by pressing and holding Power + Bixby buttons while plugging it in computer
  • Hit the Volume Up to enter download mode
  • Launch Odin on your computer
  • Click on AP button and browse to the folder containing the magisk_patched.tar (with patched recovery.img inside)
    BL = BL_XXXXXXX (from original firmware)
    CP = CP_XXXXX (from original firmware)
    CSC = HOME_CSC_XXXXXX (from original firmware)
flash TWRP recovery through Odin
  • In Option tab, untick ‘AUTO REBOOT’ option
  • Click on Start and wait for about 5-10 minutes.

Full Data Wipe


  • When done, your Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus is still in Download Mode
  • Press firmly Power + Volume Down buttons to exit download mode
  • When your screen  goes black, quickly hold down Power + Bixby + Volume Up buttons at once until TWRP logo appears.
  • If TWRP runs a script, reboot your phone and hold the same buttons again to return to TWRP

Flash Multidisabler and Wipe Data

  • Tap on Install > and flash it. When done, DO NOT REBOOT
  • Return to TWRP recovery screen, tap on WIPE>FORMAT DATA and type in Yes to confirm.
  • Tap on WIPE > Advanced Wipe and perform a Factory Reset (including Data,Cache and Dalvik wipe)  DO NOT REBOOT
  • Return to the main menu, tap on Reboot, select Recovery (Don’t press any buttons)
  • Your Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus will start booting (and automatically reboot the first time)
  • When done, complete the wizard setup (remember to connect your phone with Wi-Fi or Mobile Data). If you intend to flash custom Rom, skip signing into your account.
  • From the Home screen, open Magisk and complete the onscreen prompts to root your Galaxy Note.

That’s how to root and install TWRP recovery for Exynos Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus variant. Thanks to Alan Thomas, you can now tweak your device to install custom ROMs or mods. Those who are 

For Snapdragon Variant

Note: It’s not for the USA carrier Galaxy Note 10 phones, and this will only work on devices that have already been unlocked bootloader.

Download TWRP Recovery for your model

TWRP Recovery 3.3.1 for SM-N9750/N9700

Thanks to @geiti94 and @klabit87

Once you downloaded the file for your phone, follow these steps below to install TWRP recovery and root your Snapdragon Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus. 

Step 1: Copy the Kernel and Magisk zip into the SD card/ USB OTG and connect it to your phone.

Step 2: Flash TWRP.tar that was downloaded on your computer through Odin. Remember to uncheck Auto Reboot in Option tab

Step 2: Reboot directly into TWRP recovery using the Physical buttons.

Step 3: In TWRP recovery, flash Flash Kernel zip first. Once done, do not reboot your phone.

Step 4: Tap on Mount > Unmount system and then flash Magisk zip

Step 5: Continue to flash encryption disabler if you want. It’s optional.

Step 6: Tap on Wipe and format data

Step 7: Reboot system and enjoy the root access.

Note: for first clean boot, it will build cache. You should only hard reboot after waiting about 5 minute and you will pass it.

Those are steps to root and install TWRP recovery on Snapdragon Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus variant. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below. The process is a little bit long, so, read it carefully.

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