How To Root Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Android 8.0

Here is how to root Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Android 8.

Finally, the Android 8.0 update is available for all Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices. However, as this is still a new update, so customizing Galaxy S7/S7 Edge like installing TWRP recovery or rooting is very difficult. But, nothing is impossible; Galaxy S7/S7 Edge running Android 8.0 Oreo can now be rooted successfully. If you are finding a solution to root your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge running Android 8 Oreo, then this post is for you.

Before getting started, you should make sure some things first:

  • Back up all the data on your phone as it might be deleted during the process
  • Keep your phone battery at least 50% to start the process.
  • A Windows computer is required to install TWRP recovery if you have not.
  • A micro SD card is necessary to complete the process.

Once done, let’s start root your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge running Android Oreo. However, first of all, you need to install a TWRP recovery for your phone. Here is how to do.

Devices Supported

  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge


How To Root Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

  • Download and install Samsung USB driver on your computer
  • Download and extract Odin v3.13.1 version
  • Restart your computer to make sure the Samsung USB driver is installed.
  • Copy the NO VERITY OPT ENCRYPT and Magisk Root v16.4 into the micro SD card
  • Now, on your phone, go to Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock
  • Once done, power your phone off and boot it into Download mode by pressing & holding Power +Home + Volume Down When you see a warning screen, press the Volume Up button while connecting it to your computer.
  • Now, launch Odin app, click on Options tab and uncheck auto-reboot and F-reset Time
  • Click on the AP button and browse to the folder where saved the downloaded TWRP recovery file
  • Select it and click on Start button. Wait for a few seconds to complete the process.

Once done, unplug the USB cable, press Power + Volume Down + Power buttons to exit Download mode. After that, quickly, press Power + Home + Volume Up buttons for about 5-7 seconds to boot into TWRP recovery mode. If it fails and your phone still boots up, repeat the steps again.

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  • Once you are in TWRP recovery, tap on Wipe > Advanced Wipe > select Data and Repair or Change the system
  • Tap on Change File System > EXT2 and swipe to change. Do the same with EXT4 ( Remember not to reboot your phone)
  • Now, return to Recovery menu, tap on Reboot > Recovery > Do Not Install
  • When your phone boots into TWRP recovery again, tap on Install > Select storage > SD card and continuously flash two files: NO VERITY  OPT ENCRYPT  and Magisk v16.4.
  • Finally, hit Reboot system > Do not install.

That’s all! You have successfully rooted your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.



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