How To Root Amazon HD Fire 10 2017

There has been a lot of processes when it comes to unlocking the bootloader as well as rooting several Amazon tablets as of late. Back to January of 2018, Amazon Fire HD 8 was successfully unlocked bootloader and rooted. And now, the Amazon HD Fire 10 2017 is already rooted. If you are using an HD Fire 10 2017 tablet, and are looking for a solution to root your device, then this post is for you. This guide was made by an XDA Senior Member, k4y0z. Here is how to unlock the bootloader, install TWRP on it, and gain root access (even unbrick) to Amazon HD Fire 10 2017.

This application method works for the 7th gen Fire HD10 (suez) 32/64 GB variant.

However, before proceeding, you should note something first:

  • This process does not require opening your device, there is still a chance something goes horribly wrong, so be prepared to do so.
  • This guide will modify the partition-table (GPT) of your tablet.
  • All your data will be erased during the process, so remember to back them up first.


  • A Linux installation or live-system
  • A micro-USB cable for the connection
  • Python3, PySerial, adb, fastboot dos2unix are already installed on your computer

Steps to Unlock Bootloader & Root Amazon HD Fire 10 2017

  • First, download and extract on your computer
  • Next, open a terminal in the extracted directory.
  • On your HD Fire 10 tablet, go to Settings > Developer Options and enable ADB section
  • Enter the following code in Terminal. Your tablet will then boot into recovery and perform a factory reset automatically.
sudo ./
  • Continue to enter the script
sudo ./
  • Your Amazon HD Fire 10 will now reboot into TWRP.
  • You can now install Magisk from there if you like.

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Return to stock firmware

  • Download this file on your computer first:
  • Extract the file into the same folder where you have already extracted “” and launch a terminal in that directory.

You can easily return to the stock firmware without restoring the original partition, so coming back to unlocked without wiping data.

You can use the hacked fastboot by entering the following command:

fastboot flash recovery bin/recovery.img

If you want to completely return to the stock, just type in the command:

sudo ./

Your device will automatically reboot into Amazon Recovery. You can then use adb sideload to flash stock image from there.

Important Note:

  • Remember not to boot from FireOS
  • If you accidentally overwrite the wrong boot, but the TWRP is still working fine, you can reboot into TWRP to fix that automatically.
  • TWRP recovery will prevent updates from overwriting LK/Preloader/TZ, so if you install an update, it still works without any issues.
  • There is an option to overwrite these, but this can only be done after thorough testing.
  • You should disable OTA.

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