How To Make Xbox One Work Properly On Android

There are more and more different Bluetooth controllers that work fine on Android platform. However, there are still some exceptions, like Microsoft’s Bluetooth-equipped Xbox One S controller. Although the controller can connect well, due to the Microsoft’s firmware, the buttons get all scrambled and you are not able to play games easily. If you want to edit the inputs for your One S controller, your phone needs to be rooted so that you can edit the system files, which is difficult for many of you.

In case you can’t root your phone, there will still be option that if any game allows you to manually remap the controller configuration, you would be able to work with the Xbox One S controller after changing the configuration. But the best method is still to have to root your phone. Here is steps to make Xbox One work properly on your rooted phone.

Steps To Make Xbox One Work Properly On Android
  1. Download Custom Layout

When the Xbox One S controller was first introduced, some enterprising Android users created a custom layout file to correct the scrambled button input. It’s stored on Google’s Issue Tracker. All you have to do is pressing the “Download” button under “Vendor_045e_Product_02e0.kl”. It’s a custom keyboard layout file to put in the System partition of your phone.

You can download the file to the computer and then transfer it to your phone or download directly from the Chrome browser of your Android phone.

  1. Copy Layout File
  • First, open Play Store and download Root Explorer app for free
  • Once done, open your file explorer and head to the file you just downloaded (by default, it’s stored in /sdcard/download). Next, copy the file.
  • Now go to the folder containing the keyboard layout files in /system/usr/keylayout and paste it into that folder. If you are prompted to mount the app, tap on OK to accept it.

  1. Reconnect Your Controller & Enjoy Gaming
  • Once you put the file in the correct folder, restart your phone and then re-connect your One S controller with your device.
  • Launch any game with controller support, and you can now play it normally!

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What You Need To Do If The Controller Still Doesn’t Work

If you have an Xbox One and you usually use it on your console, it’s possible that the controller has automatically updated the firmware. In that case, the modified layout will not work. You should rename the layout file “Vendor_045e_Product_02fd.kl” and repeat the above steps. If it still does not work, set the permission of the file to 644 (as the image above). We hope this tip will run for you.

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