How To Unlock iPhone XS (Max)/ XR

There is a problem that not just iPhone users, but also Android users are considering that is how to get the best value from their phones when they are locked to their carriers while others offer more attractive packages. The solution here is to figure out how to unlock iPhone Xs (Max)/Xr. Fortunately; this post will show you how to do that.

If you want to switch to a better provider, or simply use your package when going overseas, it requires something that is an IMEI unlock. Currently, it’s the safest and the most legal method to help your iPhone XS (Max)/XR say goodbye with your carrier, and you will freely be able to select whatever carrier for you. When you search for whom will unlock your phone, your location is the first factor you should consider.

If your phone is locked a carrier provider, then is my suggestion. They are estimated to be one of the best unlocking services currently on the market and come with a comprehensive range of prices and options. However, those who are living outside of these countries, their options might be limited to you, so you should note that.

iPhone Unlocking

I know what you are thinking about!  You have pre-ordered a new iPhone XS (Max)/XR and the phone is on the way to your doorstep and you can’t wait to unbox it. But since it comes with a catch, uncomfortably high charges, and especially international roaming prohibition, you just have little option left. However, paying an increasing amount of the monthly budget for a service becomes reliant on.

A locked phone makes a very low level of customer service when you are tightened by a contract plan and you will receive the scrutiny from the carrier. So, what is a locked phone, and why does the carrier do that?

If your iPhone XS (Max)/XR is stuck with a carrier, you will be prevented from using your phone with anyone else, even when there is a much better deal and they can charge whatever they like, and you are put in a thought that you can’t go elsewhere. iPhone unlocking is where lets you use a smart service in order to get rid of these restrictions on your phone and you can then freely search for the best deal for daily use.

There are currently three methods that are written about a lot, but there is only one proven to work.

Software Unlocking (no longer works)

In the past few years, software unlocking was the most widely unlock method. However, from iPhone 4 and higher, it now no longer works and of course, it is not good for your brand new iPhone XS (Max)/XR. If there is provider offering the software unlocking method, then you should stay away from such services, since most of them are scams and the result is that you will lose your money without the unlock of your iPhone.

Hardware Method: (An unreliable method that can break your phone)

I have to say it’s a force method. After the software loophole had been invalid, locked iPhone users quickly found hardware loopholes. This came with paying a lot of money to questionable characters who didn’t know clearly what they were doing. I’m sure none of you want your shiny new iPhone XS (Max)/XR to be in a risk, right.

IMEI unlocking (the ONLY method to unlock your iPhone)

IMEI unlocking has been emerging for years as one of the most reliable and fastest methods to unlock phones.

The IMEI method will change your iPhone status “from locked to unlocked” on Apple’s database. Not just is it an excellent and permanent solution that gives your phone a freedom, but it is also extremely safe and secure and your iPhone warranty is not invalidated. The iPhone IMEI approach is the only method I’d like to introduce to you.

Why I Choose

I have tested on my iPhone 8 Plus locked to AT&T carrier, and the result was amazing. The unlock process is like a flash. So, in my opinion, the best IMEI provider for iPhone XS (Max) and iPhone XR has to be To get started, they guarantee to unlock all iPhone models, so kudos for that! Furthermore, they are fast, trustworthy, and very cheap. It’s an absolutely ideal combination when you search for a provider that you can trust. I have to impress that beats most of the others in terms of the unlock price, which is an average 17% cheaper. Note that it’s an average so there might be times when they are even cheaper, which only costs you a few dollars.

Pros and Cons of the service:

The Pros

They are the only provider who offers unlocking all the smartphones currently on the market. Straight away means that you will have what you paid for.

Their customer service made me impressive; it’s so friendly, personable and came through in a fashion. I emailed them a dozen different queries, and they patiently reply with helpful solutions within a few hours. You are not able to do much better than that, I’m sure. The last thing made me impressed was service times. My iPhone 8 Plus was unlocked just in 40 hours after I completed the payment, amazing!

The Cons: 

It’s essential to take a look at something that could do better, but with these guys, it was too difficult. If you are looking for a solution for your iPhone XS (Max)/ XR, they will be my first recommendation.

How To Use to Unlock Your iPhone XS (Max)/XR

 Step 1: Find the IMEI number

Identifying the IMEI number of your iPhone is not difficult. There are three available ways to find out the IMEI number:

  • Option 1: Open Phone Dial app and dial *#06#, you will instantly then see the IMEI number of your phone
  • Option 2: It will be located on the Settings of your phone. Open the Settings app, tap on General section and note it correctly.
  • Option 3: If you could not activate your phone, then you would see the small “i” button showing up on the activation screen. Tap on it and your IMEI will then be displayed.

Step 2: You need to know the model of your phone exactly such as the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, etc.

Step 3: Click Here to Unlock iPhone XS / XS Max or Here to Unlock iPhone XR. From there, fill out all the details they request, including IMEI number, carrier locked and your phone model)

Step 4: Next you simply click on the “Unlock” button.

Step 5: Select your payment method to complete payment.

Step 6: Provide your email address to receive the progress

Step 7: Wait for a few days and you can welcome a newly free iPhone into the iPhone community.

Specifically, those who are living inside the US, UK, or Canada, these guys must be for you. They guarantee 100% unlock rate, provide brilliant customer service, 24-hour turnaround, and the unlock price is readily comfortable. Money well spent for this service! What are you waiting for? Visit doctorunlock today to unlock your iPhone XS (Max)/XR.

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