How To Get A Refund On Google Play Store

Sometimes, you might get a happy experience when purchasing apps or games from the Play Store. The app is not what it is, or the music gets rubbish. However, if you want a refund, you need to act fast. Here is how you can paid apps and games in Google Play Store.

How to return paid apps and games

The Google’s Android App return policy is simple. If you purchase an Android game or app but it does not make you happy, you can return it in two hours for a full refund. After two hours pass, the app developer will decide whether getting your money back or not.

To claim a refund, do the following steps:

  • First, launch the Google Play Store app
  • Next tap on the Menu icon and select My Account
  • Choose the app or game you want to return
  • Next, tap on Refund
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to bring your money back and uninstall the app.

After two hours, if you don’t see the refund button; it will say Uninstall instead. That time you’ll need to contact the app or game developer.

How to contact an app or game developer to get a refund

On your Android device:

  • Launch the Google Play Store
  • Search for the app you want to contact to its developer
  • Tap on the app and select Read More
  • Hope that the contact information will not be “M. Mouse, Disneyland”

How to get a refund on an in-app purchase

With the in-app purchase, there’s no two-hour trial period and it’ll depend on the developer’s decision whether you will get a refund or not. Google says that you can contact to the Google support team if you get trouble with an in-app purchase, but it doesn’t promise the help.

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How to get a refund on a Google Play Music purchase

Google will happily refund your purchase if you have not streamed and downloaded it. The company only considers a refund if the track is technically, and inadequate. You will have 7 days to request a refund, or 14 if you live in the European Union. So to request a refund, just follow these steps

  • Use any web browser to go into your Play Store account
  • Look for Order History and find the item you want to get a refund
  • Tap on the menu icon
  • Choose Report A Problem
  • Finally, select I’d Like To Request a Refund

In case you don’t have access to the computer, you can also contact the support team to get a refund . Have you tried to get a refund and been refused? Let us know how you did in the comments below.


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