How To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android

Many of us love the paid apps being for free most of all. But we don’t like the cracked version as we will have to install from unknown sources. However, there are still several legal ways to download the paid apps for free on your Android phone. So, in this post today, we’ll share a few with you on how you can get them without paying money.

How To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android
Free App of the Day

The first one in our list is using Freapp. It is one of the most popular apps to get the paid apps for free. Similar to other deals program, the offers are various: some apps are not eligible for updates, and some free apps don’t cost anything to start with. However, there are often some real gems in there.

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Google Play surveys

To get the paid apps for free, you will first need to install the Google Opinion Rewards app. After that, fill in a short survey to collect the coinage. Although you will only be limited one survey a week and you don’t always receive paid for every survey, you can earn up to one dollar a survey within a few minutes.

Discounted apps and sales

Some common apps, such as AppSales, allow you to add your favorite apps to a watch list, so you can check them when they go on sale. Although it isn’t free, the price is still better than a full price. Additionally, AppSales occasionally posts the free apps.

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Paid Apps Gone Free

“Paid Apps Gone Free” (PAGF) app will post a daily list of the paid apps that are free for a limited time on Google Play Store. So, you won’t have to download APK files from the unknown sources.

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Google Play return policy

If you are interested in a game but don’t want to commit if you don’t know it’s worth it, you can take advantage of Google’s return policy for apps. After paying for an app, you will have two hours to test it before the return is invalid.

Although a couple of hours are not too long, it is enough to get a quick test for a game to know if you decide to pay for it or not.

These are the common ways you can try to get the paid apps for free on your Android phone. If you know other useful tips, let’s know in the comment below.


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