How To Get 5TB Of OneDrive Account 5TB Forever

Do you usually use OneDrive to store all your data and document? If you are using a free account, 5GB free space might not be enough for you. To get more space, you will need to pay extra money for Microsoft. However, everything will be changed today as we’ll show you a way to receive 5 Terabyte (TB) for your account. If you feel it useful, then follow this post to get more detail. It’s very necessary for those who want to store large video files.

How To Register OneDrive Account 5TB Forever

Step 1: Visit this address to create an Edu email.

Step 2: Go to this link to sign up for an account. Enter the Edu email that you have just created and then click on Sign Up.

Step 3: Fill in all information. In Verification Code box, return to the signup email screen and enter the code. Click on Start

Step 4: When you are in Invite more people section, click on Skip



Step 5: Click on Next in Additional Info Required section. This step is very important, so you should note carefully. Continue to click on Set it Up now and then enter your own email. In case you forget the password later, you can get it back by this email.

Step 6: Once you enter your primary email, click on Email Me and enter your email to get the code. Return to Microsoft page to Verify

Step 7: Click on Finish to complete the process.


Here are some things you should remember to prevent from being locked account. Don’t upload the listed files below:

  • Violent content
  • Pirated content
  • Pirated copyrights

To check the amount of your account, simply follow the below images:

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