How To Fix iOS Devices Randomly Restarting After iOS 11.2 Update

iOS users after updating their device to iOS 11.2 version have seen the unexpected restarts during the usage. Apple has confirmed that it is only a “date bug” in their firmware and the company immediately rolled out an update to fix the issue.

However, if any of you here still see your iPhone restart repeatedly after each minute or when opening an app, check the post below to solve this issue.

Turn off all Notifications

The date bug occurring with the iOS11.2 comes from the applications that use the local notifications to crash your Springboard. That’s reason why your iPhone/iPad restarted unexpectedly so often. Your device will show a spiral icon and then bring you to the lock screen.

How to fix the random restarts in iOS 11.2:

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Tap on Notifications
  3. Choose each app and disable Allow Notifications for each of them

You ‘d better do the action for every one of your apps because you might not sure which one will send out the notifications. If not, your iPhone/iPad will continue to randomly restart again.

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Update to latest iOS 11.2 patch

After you have disabled all the Allow Notifications setting for your apps, you can nearly fix the issue. Apple has recently rolled out a patch of iOS 11.2 version to the public. In its changelog, this update will fix this critical date bug of the version

To update your device to the latest patch of iOS 11.2:

  • Back up all data on your iPhone/iPad through iCloud or iTunes
  • Head to Settings > General
  • Tap on Software Update
  • Tap on Download and Install

The iOS 11.2 will now be downloaded and then installed on your device. Once done, just return to the Notifications setting and enable Allow Notifications again. Your iPhone will now continue to receive notifications from the installed without crashing and backing to home screen.

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