How To Fix Lost IMEI & Baseband On Galaxy Phones

If you are an advanced Android user, then you must know to tweak your Galaxy phone by flashing custom ROMs, installing TWRP recovery. However, many of you forgot to backup your phone, so it led to a problem that your phone lost IMEI after flashing the ROM. Your. Galaxy phone had no signal and you could find that there was no IMEI and Baseband. In the previous years, fixing “lost IMEI and Baseband” was quite difficult and it required to do a lot of things. But everything is much simpler. If you are encountering the same difficulty when losing IMEI and baseband of your Galaxy phone after flashing the ROM, then you are in the right place. Here is how to fix lost IMEI & Baseband on Galaxy devices.


Before getting started, the most important thing you must do first is to root your Galaxy phone. This method is only effective if your phone has been rooted.

Once you are all set, let’s start fixing lost IMEI & baseband on your Galaxy phone.

Steps to Fix Lost IMEI & Baseband

  • On your Galaxy phone, first, open Play Store and download & install Root Explorer or you can download it from here
  • Next, download this file: (nv_data)
  • Copy the downloaded file into the patch: root/efs in Explorer
  • When done, restart your Galaxy phone and enjoy!

Good luck to all of you.



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