How To Fix IMEI Lost, IMEI Null On Oppo F3

In the previous post, we’ve already instructed you how to remove FRP Google Account on the Oppo F3 smartphone. But many Oppo F3 users have recently commented that their device lost the IMEI number or the IMEI Null after flashing the ROM or installing the new firmware. This error happens when you tick on the Format Data section when using the support tool for Oppo F3. If you are in the same trouble when losing the IMEI number on your Oppo F3, this post will help you regain the IMEI number or fix the IMEI Null on your device.

Before proceeding, you should prepare something first:

  • If possible, note down the IMEI number of your Oppo F3 for the restoration. You can get it from its box.
  • Download the required files for the rewriting IMEI number
  • META_MT6750_S00_MOLY_LR11_W1603_MD_MP_V17_1_ulwctg_n
  • APDB_MT6755_S01_alps-mp-m0.mp7_W16

(All of them can get from this link)

Once, let’s start restoring IMEI number or fix IMEI null on Oppo F3 smartphone.

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Fix IMEI Lost, IMEI Null On OppoF3

  1. Now, extract and run the exe
  2. Now, connect your phone to the computer and check if your computer detects your phone ( at Device Manager on a computer). If not, try to install the driver again.
  3. On SN_Writer tool, in the Target Type section, choose Smartphone With C2K > System Config
  4. Now, tick on IMEI on Write Option, IMEI CheckSUM, Dual IMEI and Cur Temperature in IMEI option
  5. Next, tick on Loader Modem… and browse the MDDB.META_MT6750_S00_MOLY
  6. At the AP_DP box, browse APDB_MT6755_S01_alps-mp-m0.mp7_W16 file
  7. Now, click on Save and press Start and write two IMEI numbers of your Oppo F3
  8. Click on OK and wait for the process to complete.
  9. Once done, you will see a green PASS letter on the window.

That’s all! Now, check the IMEI number on your Oppo F3. Insert any SIM card into your phone and check if there is any signal displaying on the screen.

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