Download iPadOS 13 Firmware for iPad

Unlike previous years, this year, Apple has released two separate operating systems for its iPhone and iPad. In iOS 12 back to earlier versions, both the iPhone and iPad running on the same iOS with also the same features, but everything has changed now. From iOS 13 version, it will run only on iPhone and iPod devices, while iPad models will run on a new iPadOS 13 version. Basically, iPadOS is not much different over iOS 13 in terms of overall features. Apple has just tweaked it with a few more features that get more help on a larger screen. iPadOS 13 supports USB accessories like mouses, keyboard. Aside from it, you can also find the Night Mode, Split Screen (from iOS 10) and Apple Pencil also works with iPadOS. If you are using an iPad that is in the list of iPadOS 13 support, you can now download the final iPadOS 13 firmware for your device. Read on this post to download and flash it on your iPad.

Compatible iPad Models:

Here is the list of the compatible iPad devices that work with iPadOS 13 version.

– iPad Pro (12,9 inch)

– iPad Pro (11 inch)

– iPad Pro (10,5 inch)

– iPad Pro (9.7 inch)

– iPad 7th generation

– iPad (6th generation)

– iPad (5th generation)

– iPad mini (5th generation)

– iPad mini 4

– iPad Air (3th generation)

– iPad Air 2

list of iPad devices supported iPadOS

Install iOS 13 Update through OTA

It’s the easiest way to updating your iPad to iPadOS 13. All you need is a stable internet connection, keep your device battery 50% and you can then update your iPad. Since you update through OTA, so all your apps and customizable settings have still remained.

Simply open Settings app, tap on General > Software Update to check for iPad13 version.

Clean Install iPadOS through iTunes

While OTA update is great, there are still some small bugs during the daily use if you opt for directly updating from your iPad. Thus, a clean installation of iPadOS is always recommended. Since it’s a fresh installation, all your apps, customizable settings will be lost. It’s a good idea to create a backup through iTunes first so that you do not lose anything.

To perform a clean install of iPadOS, you first need to download for your device from the link below

Download iPadOS IPSW Firmwares


iPad Pro

iPad Mini

iPad Air

Once you download the iPadOS firmware for your ipad, read on this post to perform a clean install on your device through iTunes software.

If your iPad is running on iPadOS beta version, you can follow this guide to convert back to the official iPadOS 13 version.

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