How To Bypass Google Account On Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

You are using the latest flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 or S8+. However, due to some reasons, you get stuck at the Verify Google Account screen after resetting your beloved smartphone. You found many ways to bypass the Google Account, but all of them are failed, we, at, now have a solution to help you fix it.

However, before getting started, you must meet some certain requirements:

  • First, download and install Samsung USB drivers on your Windows computer: link here
  • Download and extract the Odin v3.13.3 from here onto your PC. (Updated: Get this modified Odin for those whose see the “SHA256 is Invalid” error with Odin.)
  • Keep the battery of your smartphone at least 30% to perform the process
  • This guide is only for Galaxy S8 and S8+ models: G950F, G950FD, G950U, G955F, G955FD, G955U, so you should not try it on other devices as it might get it bricked.

Now, let’s start the process.

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How to Remove Google Account Lock On Galaxy S8/S8+

  1. First, download the combination file as well as stock Rom for your compatible model:

Combination ROM Of Samsung Galaxy S8

 (SM-G950F / FD)




 (SC-02J / SM-G950J)

Combination ROM Of Galaxy S8 Plus

 (SM-G955F / FD)




 (SC-03J / SM-G955J)

Full Stock ROM For Galaxy S8:

 (SM-G950F / FD):


USA: (3,3G)

Verizon: (3,4G)






 (SC-02J / SM-G950J)



Full Stock ROM For Galaxy S8 Plus:

 (SM-G955F / FD)




(SC-03J / SM-G955J)



  1. Once done, unzip the files and power off your device and boot it into the Odin mode by pressing the Volume Down +Power + Bixby buttons at a same time. After seeing a warning message, press the Volume Up button
  2. Now, connect your device to the computer, launch Odin and choose the combination ROM file in AP box
  3. Now, click on Start to flash the combination Rom file
  4. Wait until the process is complete, your device will boot up to the factory binary of the combination ROM.
  5. Here tap on the Settings icon (9 dots in square) and enable OEM UnlockingUSB Debugging options in Developer Option
  6. After that, switch off your handset and boot into the Odin mode again.
  7. Now, exit the Odin and launch it again to flash the Stock ROM. Since Samsung released S8 & S8+ for many markets, so you should download the exactly the ROM file with the market your device was launched. If not, your device will be stuck at the “Installing system update” screen and it can cause some errors like memory encryption. If the stock ROM files listed above are not for your model, you must download the exact ROM file of your S8/S8+.
  8. Here, choose the BL box with BL_…. file, AP box with AP_…. file and especially, CSC box with Home_CSC… file. Don’t click on the CP
  9. Wait for a while and click on Start button to flash the Stock ROM.
  10. Once the process is complete, your device will automatically reboot and you simply finish the setup.
  11. Now, go to Settings and factory reset your phone and enjoy the result

Updated 9/2019: Use SIM Card to Bypass Google Account

Another way to FRP bypass your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus is using a SIM card. In the latest updtae, Google has added more securities, so the previous methods might not work for you. It’s not difficult and you simply follow these steps below to FRP bypass your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus and other Galaxy phones.

Step 1: Prepare a SIM card and set a PIN code for it using another phone

Step 2: When done, insert your SIM card into your Galaxy phone. You will be prompted to enter PIN code.

Step 3: Now, DO NOT enter the correct PIN code. Instead, try to type in any wrong numbers until you are prompted to enter PUK code.

Note: This method requires you to remeber the PUK code to FRP bypass.

Step 4: Continue to enter a WRONG PUK code and repeat the process 8 times.

Step 5: In the last, when you have only 1 PUK time left, enter your corect PIN code and you will be taken to the lock screen

Step 6: From there, swipe the lock icon to the right to open Notification barand select Notification Settings.

Step 7: In Recent Sent section, tap on See All  and select All instead of Most Recent.

Step 8: Scroll down and tap on You Tube App > In-app Notification Settings > About > Google Privacy Policy. It will open Chrome browser. Tap on No, thanks without signing in Google account

Step 9: Now, enter this URL below to download & install Apex Launcher 3.3.3.apk

Step 10: When done, open it and you are now in the Home screen. Re-open Chrome and download two files: Bypass_FRP 1.0.apk and Bypass Android 8.apk

Step 11: Open File Manager app and install Bypass Android 8.apk. Continue to install Bypass_FRP 1.0.apk. Once done, open it, tap on three-dot button and choose Browse sign-in option.

Step 12: Enter any Google account you know and then reboot your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus.

Updated: 3/2019

There is now a new method to bypass FRP lock on your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus just by installing APKfile. Follow this post: How To Bypass Google Account On Galaxy Phones With APK File or  Bypass Google Account On Galaxy Phones If Talkback Is Not Working to remove Google account on your phone.

Updated: 07/2018

For S8/S8 Plus devices still running Android 7.0 or 7.1 Nougat, if the above method did not help you, then you should follow the below method to help you bypass Google Account on your phone.

Download Required File

  1. Power your phone on and connect to a Wi-Fi network
  2. Once you are stuck at the Verify Google Account screen, tap on the box to activate the keyboard of your phone
  3. Tap on the Gear icon on the keyboard to go to the Settings section of the keyboard
  4. Scroll to the bottom and choose About Samsung Keyboard option
  5. Tap on Update and agree with the term and condition of Legal information to go to Galaxy Apps directly
  6. Now, search for the stock Calculator app and install it. It’s usually the first one.
  7. Once done, launch the app and enter this code: (+30012012732+
  8. You will now be taken to the DRParser Mode. Continue to type: *#0808#
  9. The USB Settings Windows will now appear, choose the last section: DM+ACM+ADB (DM+MODEM+ADB) and reboot your phone.
  10. Once your phone boots up, install ADB driver as well as extract the on your computer and connect your S8/S8 Plus to it.
  11. Check the driver on your computer in Device Manager section to know if it detects your Galaxy Note 8. Here, you just need to care about the ADB driver.
  12. Now, run the bat file and press OK on your phone.

Above are all steps to bypass the Google Account on Galaxy S8/ S8+. Hope this post is useful for you. If you get any issues, let’s know in the comment below.

27 thoughts on “How To Bypass Google Account On Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus”

  1. When doing the process and reboots the device, it sends me the following: The data partition has been corrupted.You need to reset your device to factory default settings. This will erase all your data.

    Could you help me please?

  2. I have followed all the steps with no problems. After the last step factory reset, It still asked for Google account information. I put in my own Gmail email and password. I received a security notification on my other phone stating do you recognize Samsung s8 plus, I replied yes. I waited 26 hours and tried to enter my credentials on the Samsung. I received a message on the Samsung stating to wait 24 hours, I did and tried again. I am at the same place before doing the bypass Google account.

    Can someone please help?? I would greatly appreciate

  3. I’m trying to Factory reset my Galaxy S8 SM-G950U (Verizon USA) Smartphone using your modified Odin app. I got an error Dismatch when I tried the (933M) file so I’m trying the (868M) next. Keeping my fingers crossed. The file loaded into Odin just fine. But that Dismatch error is confusing. What does it mean?

  4. Hello. Under the links you posted for my Galaxy S8 SM-G950U, the stock ROM links available don’t show any for AT&T, which is the carrier for my model. Can I use the one that begins with heading “USA” or maybe the one for “T-Mobile”? If not where can I please find that file so I can finish the process? I did download the one for “USA”, but when I try to extract (Im using 7zip) there is a “data error” and the CSC file is not there afterwards. please help me thanks so much.

      • I will try right away. I’d like to say this, hopefully other readers or subscribers feel the same way and will be encouraged to try and also say thank you in a more proactive way. After paying a premium price for this phone, thinking it was brand new (it was made to appear that way), I found myself in a tight spot, because the previous owner had not removed his account from the phone he sold me and did not make himself available to help me in this matter once the money changed hands. I had tried every reasonable find a logical solution since I had already proved to google support there was no indication of foul play on my part (it is not blacklisted nor reported stolen, plus I had copies of emails between the previous owner email, also apparently the account to which the device was locked to, and myself, etc.) and I had been patiently waiting for him to get back to me, or them for that matter, but after a couple of weeks, I finally decided to find an alternative solution. Even the local mobile store assured me nothing could be done. thanks to your detailed guide, your thorough coverage of all the details involved in the unlocking process and most importantly how I’ve seen you so patiently follow up diligently on every reader’s comment, either because they’re not following directions carefully or because they actually have encountered additional problems that so commonly arise from dealing with tech, So I’d like to thank you sincerely, because not even when such a professional attitude and behavior is supposed to be warranted since a financial contribution or payment has been made to ensure the outcome, or because that is only option you have, having the pleasure of being helped this great, its not always the case. So Mr. post author, thank you so much and I’m sure I speak for everyone who has benefitted from your tech expertise, but mostly because you or you guys are above average when it comes to dealing and helping the public online (I’ve taken the time to read other posts of course)
        If there is anything I can do to show you my gratitude is honest anmd real, such as sharing or any other promotional, or any other similar and current options to have people know of your site, please include it in a reply and I’ll be more than happy to oblige. Good day.

        • Thank you for highly evaluating my website. If the method can help you revome Google Account on your phone, then let’s know. If not, email us, we’ll find other solutions for you.

          • Hi, i tried the method on this page, finally I was able to get all the files needed from the stock file for my G950U to flash the stock ROM, but after flashing the phone, it rebooted but never finish doing so because it stated that something was “corrupted”. It then recommended that I I factory reset, so I did, but I went back to the original google lock. I then tried the Note 8 method the one you recommended with a link in your last reply, but can go past the first step cause my S8 does not have a keyboard setting Icon when I went to use that link. Please help me what else can I do I was so convinced one of these was gonna work. Thank you.

  5. I’m running android 7.0 nougat, what do you recommend in my case then? the method of updating the keyboard did not work, after I press update nothing happens. Thank you I appreciate your help .


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