How To Bypass Google Account On Pixel Phones Running Android 8 Oreo

Many Google Pixel users have messaged to us to ask about bypassing Google Account on their devices running Android 8 Oreo. This error usually happens when you don’t remember your Google account and you perform a full factory reset on your device. You will be then stuck at the Factory Reset Protection screen during completing the setup of your Pixel phone. If you are in the same trouble with your Google Pixel phone, keep reading this post below to bypass the Google Account on your device.

Device Supported:

  • Google Pixel & Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2 & XL 2
  • Google Pixel C
  • Other Android phones running stock Android 8.1 Oreo


  • This method only works with Android 8.1 Oreo version; we have not yet tested on Android 8.0 Oreo and other lower Android versions.
  • Do not try this method on other OEM Android phones as it might not work.
  • It’s your own responsibility. If you have any problem or fail, let’s know in the comment below.

Once you are ready, keep following these steps carefully to complete the process.

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Bypass Google Account On Pixel Phones Running Android 8 Oreo
  • First, connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network. Once done, tap on Vision Settings at Hello screen, scroll down to bottom and choose TalkBack
  • Toggle it on, swipe until there is a popup appearing. Simply tap on TalkBack Settings.
  • From there, press and hold the Volume keys until you see a small popup: Accessibility Shortcuts turned TalkBack
  • Tap on Help & FeedBack, search for Voice in the box and choose the first line: Get Started With Voice Access
  • Watch the video, and choose the Arrow icon in order to open YouTube app
  • Once you are in YouTube app, tap on three-dot button at the top right corner, choose Settings > About tap on Google Privacy Policy option to open Google Chrome
  • Don’t log in any Google Account by tapping on No, Thanks
  • Type this URL into the browser: and download the QuickShortcutMaker. apk file. Install it on your device; remember to check the unknown sources option.
  • Once installed, open the app, search for Google Account Manager in the search box.
  • Take note at Google Account Manager- Type Email & Password
  • From there, tap on three-dot button, and select Browser sign-in
  • Here, enter any Google Account you know along with the password. Once done, restart your phone.

Now, wait for your Pixel phone booting up again, and complete the setup process without being stuck at the Factory Reset Protection screen anymore.

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  1. Hello, when I go to download quick shortcut maker, it just shows “no preview available”, is there another way?


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