Bypass Google Account On Galaxy S9 Plus 2019

Dear all Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus users! I know many of you are encountering a problem with bypassing Google Account on your Galaxy phone. While removing Google account is not too hard like removing iCloud account from an iOS device, FRP bypassing a Google account is not easy as well.

While the process requires following many steps to get it done, you will not have to pay any money for doing so. Just read on this post carefully and you can get everything done yourself.

Here are the available methods that I have tested on my Galaxy S9 Plus to FRP bypass its Google account. If you are looking for solutions to bypass Google account on your Galaxy phone, read on to know how to FRP bypass Galaxy S9 Plus.

Solutions To FRP Bypass Galaxy S9 Plus

There are proven ways to bypass Google account on Galaxy S9 Plus that require using the computer or do it on your Galaxy phone itself.

Method 1: Flash Combination ROM

If you are stuck at Google Account verification screen when setting up your Galaxy phone, then flashing combination is a way to enable OEM Unlocking. Once you could enable OEM Unlocking option, you can then bypass Google account on your Galaxy S9 Plus.

Step 1: Download and install Samsung USB driver on your computer

Step 2: Download and extract Odin v3.13 to flash the firmware

Step 3: Get the combination ROM of your Galaxy S9 Plus. Remember to download the correct binary version that is running on your phone. You can download it from this post.

Step 4: Continue to download the stock firmware to reinstall it after flashing the combination ROM.

Step 5: Follow this post to flash the combination ROM and stock firmware to FRP bypass your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Method 2: FRP Bypass With Talkback

The second method does not require you to spend much time downloading and flashing the combination ROM and stock firmware. Instead, you can take advantage of Talkback feature to open Chrome and install “Bypass Google account” files on your Galaxy phone. This method is time-saving, but a little more complicated than flashing firmware.

Step 1: Press and hold the two fingers on the Welcome screen until you see Talkback tutorial screen.

Step 2: Draw L letter, choose Talkback Settings and toggle Explore By Touch off.

Step 3: choose Help & Feedback section > Get start with Voice access

Step 4: Play the YouTube video, tap on the clock icon and then tap three-dot button to open YouTube app

Step 5: Select the Account icon at the top right screen, select Terms & privacy policy option

Step 6: Now, enter this URL in the search box:

Step 7: From there, download Apex_Launcher_3.3.apk and install it. Remember to enable the Allow source

Step 8: Once done, open the app and you are now on the Home screen.

Step 9: Continue to open Chrome browser again and download two files: Bypass_FRP 1.0.apk and Bypass Android 8.apk

Step 10: Head to File app > Download folder and install Bypass Android 8.apk first

Step 11:  Continue to install Bypass_FRP 1.0.apk. Once done, open it, and then tap on three-dot button and select Browse sign-in option

Step 12: Enter any Google Account you remember the password. After that, reboot your Galaxy phone to apply these changes.

Method 3: Use Hush SMS apk file

Step 1: Prepare another Android device and install HushSMS app (from this link) to send a message to your Galaxy S9 Plus.

Step 2: Put a SIM card into your Galaxy phone

Step 3: Launch the HushSMS app and then choose WAP PUSH SL option

Step 4: Enter the phone number of the SIM card inserted into the first box (Remember to type in Area Code Number (ACN) before your phone number). In the second line, type in this URL: com/user/Maroon5VEVO

Step 5: Select Send WAP PUSH SL, wait for a few seconds, and your Galaxy S9 Plus will automatically launch YouTube app. The process is now much easier to FRP bypass.

Step 6: Tap on Not Now without updating the app, tap on three-dot icon > choose Terms and privacy policy to open Chrome browser.

Step 7: Repeat from Step 6 of the method above to FRP bypass Google account your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Method 4:  Use Samsung FRP Tool

If you have already updated your Galaxy S9 Plus to the latest Android 9.0 version and none of the above methods did help you, then you can try Samsung FRP Tool to FRP bypass your Galaxy S9 Plus.

Refer to this post to remove Google Account on your Galaxy phone:

New Solutions To Bypass Google Account On Galaxy Phones Android Pie

These are all currently possible methods to FRP bypass Galaxy S9 Plus. I will update other methods as soon as they are available.

Good luck to all!

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