Bypass Google Account MIUI 10: Easy Steps to Do It

This guide is about bypassing Google Account on MIUI 10 versions. If you are looking for a solution to FRP bypass your Xiaomi phone, then this post will help you.

MIUI 10 is now available on almost Xiaomi smartphones. It’s a customizable Android platform with a lot of great features that can only be found on flagships smartphone. However, similar to Android devices, many Xiaomi users are still encountering problems with Google account verification. After a reset, due to a few reasons, many users cannot bypass the Google account verification screen and get stuck there. Re-flashing tgz firmware does not help to remove Google FRP lock from your Xiaomi phone.

Many Xia0mi users email to me for asking about solutions to bypass Google account. So, I decided to write this post to give you instruction so that you can overcome this trouble. Let’s get started!

Easy steps to bypass Google account on MIUI 10

Here is a simple guide to FRP bypass on your Xioami phones running MIUI 10 version. The process is pretty simple and you can follow it easily without missing any step.

Step 1: Power your phone Xiaomi phone, and connect it a Wi-Fi network. Return to MIUI 10 welcome screen

Step 2: Prepare a SIM card that has already been set a SIM code. After that, insert it into your Xiaomi phone.

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds and you will be prompted to enter the SIM code. In this screen, tap on Emergency and call 911

Step 4: Quickly tap on Contacts and it requires the SIM code again. Then, enter your SIM code and you will immediately be taken to the lock screen.

Step 5: Swipe to unlock and tap on “Create a new contact” > Use Device Internal Storage

Step 6: Enter any name and then save the new contact. Next, tap on Share > Messaging and it will open Message app.

Step 7: Type in: and tap on Arrow button to send it

Step 8: Tap on the link > Browse and YouTube app will automatically open.

Step 9: Tap on Profile icon > Google Privacy Policy to open the browser. Bypassing MIUI 10 on your Xiaomi phone is much simpler.

Step 10: Enter this URL into the search bar address: and then install Apex launcher 3.3.3 apk file. Remember to allow unknown source.

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Step 11: When done, launch the app and the Home screen will open. Open Chrome again and download two files: Bypass_FRP 1.0.apk and Bypass Android 8.apk

Step 12: Open File app > Download folder and install Bypass Android 8.apk first

Step 13: Continue to install Bypass_FRP 1.0.apk. After that, launch it and tap on three-dot button and choose Browse sign-in option

Step 14: Enter any Google Account you remember the password. When done, reboot your Xiaomi device.

That’s how to bypass Google account on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI 10 version. If this method works for you, let’s know in the comment below.

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