1. Hi, I have muddled my way through using odin by bypass frp on my Samsung Note 5.
    It was rocking along and then it rebooted to a screen that has 3 gears and says Factory Binary. It vibrates1 time then 3 times then 1 time, etc. This is where it has decided to live, I guess. I tried vol down, power, and home, which took me to another screen that said something about “long press power button:”. So, I pressed the home key and held it a few seconds and then it took me to another screen similar to the “long press power button” but it didn’t say “long press power button.” I again pressed the power, vol down, and home and it took me back to the original screen with 3 gears and Factory Binary.
    I did try power, vol up, and home to go into recovery but it wouldn’t do anything.
    I’m in need of help before my head explodes.
    Sincerely, Kathline

    • What’s current binary level of your stock firmware? Please flash the combination ROM that is compatible with the binary level of your stock firmware to avoid bootloop issue. Normally, after flash the combination ROM, your phone will automatically boot up without any issue.You can flash the stock firmware again and try the new method we’ve just updated.

  2. I was finally able to flash the stock rom. When I connected to odin and selected AP and selected the proper stock rom for my phone, it took a very long time when odin said “please wait”. I just waited and eventually it was ready. I flashed the stock and everything is awesome! Thank you for your tutorial.

  3. I am having the same issues as kathline, but I started with N920R4THS3CRJI, but I flashed the dl from this page N920R4YU3APJI. And not I sit in a boot loop in the factory binary.
    The guy I bought the phone from ghosted me as soon as I asked him about the frp. The phone looks like it is carrier unlocked since it is a us cellular phone but it will allow data from my T-Mobile tablet sim card.
    When I go in to recovery its an different recovery from before I started this, and now there is a different deal with it saying forced upload by key pressing. With a little android guy. But I can still get in to Odin mode and the samsung recovery.
    Can you help with my next steps?


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