How To Bypass FRP Google Account For All Sony Xperia Smartphones (Android 7 Nougat)

For some reasons, your Sony Xperia smartphones requires you to verify the Gooogle account that was previously synced on this device after you perform a factory reset or install a fresh stock ROM. However, that time there was an issue that you did not remember the password of your Google account to bypass the settings screen. You found many ways but all of them were failed with your Sony Xperia running Android Nougat. However, we now have solutions to help you overcome this issue, bypass the Welcome screen on your Sony Xperia. Let’s see!

Steps to Bypass FRP Google account for Sony Xperia Android 7 Smartphones

  1. First of all, you need to downloaded two required files:
  • ADB_FRP file from here
  • Adbdriver file from here for your Windows Computer.
  1. Restart your device to start settings the Welcome screen again. Once you pass through entering the Wi-Fi connection, stop at Important Information
  2. Now tap on Important Information in the first line: I am aware of…..
  3. Next, tap on Limited Warranty and press on the “Affiliated” word and choose
  4. Now, Google Search will appear, type Chrome, and then choose accept and continue without logging in Google account.
  5. Type in this URL: to download QuickShorcutMaker.apk file.
  6. Next, tap on open and install it. Now, you’ll be taken to the Lock screen and Security screen, enable Unknown Sources
  7. Now, go back and install the QuickShorcutMaker
  8. Once done, open the app and search for Core Settings.
  9. Tap on it, and tap on Try to turn on “ Enable non-secure ADB” option. Tap on it and then select “ Restart Now” to reboot your Xperia
  10. Your device is once again in the Welcome screen, continue the settings steps. But at the “Set up your device” screen, you must choose Set up as New
  11. Now, at the “Verify Google account” screen, on your computer, install the adbdriver (For Mac users, you can go this link to know how to install it).
  12. Connect your Xperia to the computer, wait for a second and click on Install
  13. After the adb tool screen displays the OK button, unzip the ADB_FRP file and open cmd from the extracted folder
  14. Now, in turn, copy and paste and enter the command lines in the “commandline.text” file into cmd .
  15. Now back to previous steps on your Sony Xperia and continue settings up to bypass the verification screen.

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These are all the steps you need to do to bypass your Sony Xperia running Android 7 Nougat. In case you have any issue, let’s know in the comment below, we’ll find out solutions for you. Keep visiting to update more daily tips and tricks


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