Among Us Launches on Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

Among Us was launched in June 2018, but it only reached its popularity in mid-2020. The online multiplayer social deduction game was developed and published by Innersloth. The American game studio used the engine Unity to power Among Us. The artists are Marcus Bromander and Amy Liu. The game can be played on iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and now Nintendo Switch.

Among Us occurs in a space-themed setting, in the game each player takes one or two roles. Most of the players will be Crewmates and a predetermined number of Impostors. The goal is for the Crewmates to discover and kill the Impostor before He/She kills them all. While they look to uncover who the Impostor is, the Crewmates must complete tasks around the map. On the other hand, the Impostor will attempt to sabotage the tasks by killing the Crewmates.

The game owes its popularity to Twitch streamers and YouTubers. Now, two years after its release, it can be downloaded to Nintendo Switch.

Where can you play it?

The game can be played freely on iOS and Android devices. This means that any iPhone, iPad, Samsung, or similar branded phones is a good option. It can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Among Us can also be played on Microsoft Windows Computers. In order to do this, you must download it from Steam or, priced at $5.

How to play on a mobile?

Step 1: Set up the game

  • Among Us can look a bit overwhelming to play at first, so using the default settings might be wise at first. After a few games, you can play around with the different options, like Join or Host games, the number of players, the number of possible impostors, three different maps, as well as what notifications to receive.

Step 2: Learn the tasks

There are three kind of tasks:

  • Short tasks
  • Long tasks
  • Common tasks

Step 3: Learn the Map

There are three maps available on Among US and learning them all is essential to become a surviving player:

  • The Skeld: Ship speeding through the cosmos, most common one. The special feature is the security system that allows Crewmembers to check on the whereabouts of the crew.
  • Mira HQ: Headquarters built after The Skeld has landed. This is the smallest, and the trickiest map. It introduces some interesting features: Long hallways and a dangerous decontamination area. The best way to approach the map is by checking door logs of who came in but didn’t come out.
  • Polus: This map is a base camp established against an active volcano. It is the largest map on the game, so the killer will have lots of room to roam. This map requires you to check everyone’s vitals using the computer next to the Office, and call a meeting ASAP if someone gets killed on your watch.

Step 4: Be the best impostor

If you become the chosen Impostor there are some ways to come out as the victor.

  • Blend in
  • Make a quick escape
  • Sabotage accordingly

Step 5: Be the best Crewmate

Being a good Crewmate to stop the Impostor in time is more than just completing tasks.

  • Be an active participant.
  • Buddy up
  • Get your tasks done

Step 6: Discussion time

  • Discussions take place when a body is found or when an emergency meeting is called. At this time, players have the chance to throw accusations and defend themselves.

Among Us arrives on Nintendo Switch

Among Us spent two years available only for iOS, Android, and Windows, now it can be downloaded and played on Nintendo Switch.

The hit multiplayer game is arriving on console platforms to entertain more people. The Nintendo Switch versions of Among Us will have cross-platform play, also online and local multiplayer of up to 10 people. The game will require a subscription to the Switch Online service starting at $3.99 a month. The cost will be the same as the PC version, at $4.99 on the Switch store.

What’s different?

At first glance, Among us looks identical to other versions of the game. However, there are some critical differences.

  1. The controls: There are touch controls for the menu options if you’re playing handheld. Also, the control of the astronaut is regulated either by the Joy-Con or a Pro Controller.
  2. There are no single Joy-Con options. Some seemingly obvious scheme controls, like this one, got omitted and it is surprising that Among Us is a game very simple to play.
  3. By using a controller or not, you can change the difficulty of some tasks. For example, the card swipe task can now be done by spinning the control stick, much easier to complete. Other tasks like the Fix Wiring cannot be completed with touch controls at all, and are the most difficult task to do. While the touch screen can be used to complete most tasks, the press of a button can be the easier path to navigate in the game.
  4. The movement on the Switch is much easier than on the mobile or PC version. While killing someone or venting out the other end of the room, it’s much easier to accomplish on the Switch.
  5. The worst change, however, it’s related to the discussion part, vital to determine the winners. The game’s purpose depends on how efficiently you can argue, debate, collect clues, and accuse potential impostors. The Nintendo Switch does not have the voice chat option, unlike its mobile phone version. The Text option is very slow, and sometimes the delay can wrongly determine who the actual killer is.

Is the Switch version worth the trouble?

Maybe for the Switch fans, who also enjoy playing Among Us, it’s an easy choice. The game runs smoother and some actions are easier to do with the controllers of the Switch. However, a vital part of this game is communication. By eliminating the ability of players to swiftly exchange their ideas, it feels mutilated. Time will tell if players love playing on this new platform as much as on mobile phones and computers.

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